For a long time home security seemed to stay stagnant. No movement, just a bulky alarm system that only the rich could afford. Of course this is in the past, with technology and innovation now we can offer home security at way lower cost and at prices that everyone can afford. The systems are now a lot smaller too.

With technology through innovation home security systems are now a lot more compact and boast wireless connection from over 100 feet away and even further for some top of the line home security systems. Home security systems connect with various different types of pieces of equipment using RF signals.

Wireless Home Security

Wireless technology has enabled the home security industry to offer mobile integrated technology into home security systems. Now you can actually have an alarm system with out having internet set up or even dial tone landline phone. Every home security system use to have to be connected to a home phone, but now that is not even necessary. Plenty of people don’t even have a home phone and only use their cell phones, so the security industry offers cellular monitoring. With the creation of mobile applications it has allowed to companies such as ourselves at Protect America to offer iPhone and Android apps to arm and disarm your system. Also you can watch your security cameras from the same application and pan from left to right. Amazing features as these will only get better. Imagine arming your home security system while on a trip in Europe from your computer or smart phone. Now that’s amazing. Features like this have no only proven to be convenient but also help keep a closer eye on your home’s security.

Monitoring your system from your phone or computer has great advantages. You can keep track of who exactly armed and disarmed your system at different times by assigning different user codes to each individual who operates your alarm system. The applications also allow you to see what doors are open at what time, and you are notified almost immediately if your alarm goes off.

Wireless Security Cameras

Security cameras can be of great value to your home and even business owners. Keep a closer on your home or business and watch in real time from your computer or smart phone. Pan from left to right view the whole are in which you want covered. The cameras we offer at Protect America also have a built in motion sensor that enables the camera to move and follow anything it senses heat and motion from.

Environmental sensors such as heat, flood, and carbon monoxide sensors can also be monitored through your interactive applications and on the computer via your security provider. You can also monitor lighting, furnace failure, broken pipes or leaks, also heating or cooling systems, and even update your thermostat! You can operate most of these with your smart phone through most monitored alarm companies.

Innovative Home Security

These are just some of the innovative products offered in the home security industry and the great thing is that we offer all of it at Protect America for an affordable price. If you’re interested in more information, fill out the form on the right column and a security expert will contact you to see how we can help you secure your home.