Home security is an incredibly important but often overlooked aspect of homeownership. Security needs to be effective but should also fit a typical household budget. Though people will have different resources at their disposal, cost effective home security is within reach as long as you’re willing to do the research. Here’s a quick overview of home security and your budget.

Your Home Security Budget

For most people, budgets are going to play an important role in the security of a home. It’s tempting to spend “whatever it takes” to make your house security but it’s unnecessary. In this instance, figure out what you can spend on home security and determine your options. Some home security devices can be purchased for a one-time fee but others will require a monthly subscription. If you feel comfortable spending a few hundred dollars in initial fees plus $20 to $60 a month, there are a number of home security options that will dramatically reduce threats to your family and property.

Your Home Security Weaknesses

This is probably going to be the most difficult aspect of your home security experience. A wealth of advice is available online but much of this information will largely be controlled by home security companies. (Sorry about that by the way!) Independent advice for home security is really shockingly difficult to come by though police departments tend to be the most readily available source of information.

To identify your home security weaknesses, you must understand were attacks are most likely to occur. The front door and first floor windows are the most vulnerable with more than 70 percent of burglars using those points to access your home. It’s also good to remember that most burglaries happen between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., when most people are at work.

This information might seem convoluted but it effectively means that when someone robs your home, you or loved ones probably won’t be there. (Homeowners or occupants are only present during a small percentage of burglaries.) How you want to defend against this is largely up to you. Do you want to collect evidence? Prevent the break in? Call police? Do you want any other monitored security service, like smoke detectors? These are questions that need to be answered by homeowners and their families to determine the right solution for your lifestyle.

Home Security Solutions that Work for You

For most common home security situations, a wireless alarm system is a cost effective and reliable solution. When customers order a monitoring solution from Protect America, they receive a wireless home security system for free. Just pay the monthly monitoring fee and your equipment belongs to you! A wireless home security system can call for assistance, record evidence, and prevent burglaries with one, low cost solution.

Other options for home security include door jambs, independent video surveillance systems, and security film. While each of these are feasible, and potentially effective options, they are limited by cost or situation. Security film, for example, makes it more difficult for burglars to shatter your windows for entry. However, security film also deafens the sound of shattering glass. Many home security devices are tradeoffs between cost and reliability. Carefully weigh your options before making a final decision on your home security.