The idea of home security can be limiting in that people tend to associate the word home with an actual house. While many of our products are certainly intended for houses, it’s worth understanding that we offer equipment and services that can benefit you whether you live in a house, an apartment or a condominium. Of course, it’s also worth noting that home security decisions are going to differ considerably based on which of these residences you live in. In the same way a house might offer its own unique set of challenges and opportunities when installing a home security system, a condominium or apartment will, in all likelihood, do the same. Whether you already have been living somewhere for a while and are just now beginning to consider adding a home monitoring presence or you’re moving into a new space and want to know how to most adequately outfit your new home, Protect America can help. Check out these tips for home security in apartments or condominiums:


Perhaps the single greatest asset you can have in your home security repertoire when living in an apartment or condominium is a strong relationship with your neighbors. While this is certainly important when you’re living in a house, it holds an even stronger value when you’re living in a building with multiple units. Whenever you move into a new building, ensure that you take some time during your first week there to meet the individuals living in the units around you. This serves several benefits: it gives you an impression of them, makes it clear to them who you are and helps foster an understanding one another’s communal interests. While it sounds somewhat distrustful, you’ll want to gain an impression of your neighbors to understand if there’s anyone suspicious living near you. You’ll also want them to understand who you are so that they can be aware that you’re a respectable individual whom they can trust in their building. Lastly, you’re bound to share interests, such as potentially starting a building community watch program.


Video surveillance cameras certainly hold a great deal of value when installed in and around a house, but they can also be of important use to those living in a condominium or apartment building. When installing home security components for a house you might position them on the building’s exterior to record any suspicious individuals attempting to gain entry to your home from the outside, but doing so in a communal building requires a different approach. Given that most condominiums or apartments have only one or two primary entrances, consider positioning these cameras inside the building pointing toward these doors. This way, you’ll gain footage of anyone who enters your space when you aren’t around.

Understanding your position:

There are a great deal of differences between home security for a condominium or apartment building and for a house. However, there’s even more to consider based on what kind of apartment or condo you have. For example, a unit on the first floor of a building will require more thought than those near the top. If you’re living in a garden or first floor unit, you should consider installing glass break sensors or door and window sensors, as your unit will be a natural target for potential home invaders.