You’ve probably seen dozens of houses over the years with home security bars, but do you have bars on your home? Do you need home security bars?

This security feature for your home can help you cover gaps in your home security coverage and provide other benefits. It’s worth a quick investigation into their usefulness, the types of bars that are available, and whether your family might benefit from adding bars to your security system.

Types of Home Security Bars. You’ve Got Options

You might assume most security bars are the same and are different only in their appearance. One set of bars might feature some fancy metalwork, and another set might offer just the barest level of adornment. However, the appearance of your home security bars is just one small factor that you may need to consider when installing (or not installing) your security bars.

Here are some of the types of home security bars you may consider:

  • Permanent security bars that don’t move and are installed securely onto the exterior of your home for many years of protection.
  • Removable bars that may be used when the family leaves on vacation and isn’t concerned about the potentially negative appearance of bars on the home for the short term.
  • Bars that swing open to make cleaning the glass easier or to accommodate an emergency exit during a fire or incident where quick removal from the house is necessary.

According to House Logic, you might benefit financially by installing home security bars on your home.

“You may find that your insurance company offers reduced rates to homeowners who invest in bars and other security measures. Check with your home insurance agent.”

A quick call to your homeowner’s insurance company can help you figure out if a particular type of home security bars will offer a reduction in the cost of your policy. The other equipment installed with your comprehensive home security system may help you reduce your insurance costs even further.

Ensuring Safety With Window Bars on Your Home

An issue you may face after you install your security bars is one of safety. It may seem strange to install security bars to protect your home only to introduce other problems as a result of that installation. The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) reveals that security bars can complicate matters in the case of a fire.

According to InterNACHI,

“roughly 25 people die or are injured annually in fires where escape is hindered by window bars.”

Security bars definitely provide a benefit to the security of your home, but do the risks outweigh the benefits? Whether to install security bars is a discussion you can have with your family, as well as your home security system advisor and your neighbors. Do they have home security bars? Does your security company recommend that you install bars?

One of your options in creating a truly safe home environment is with a comprehensive security system plan with features like smart home automation. Professional monitoring can help keep your home safe when you’re not at the house, and you can augment the equipment you install on your home with a monitoring service.

Do You Need Home Security Bars? Get Into the Mind of a Criminal

No one wants to become the victim of a burglary, and thinking about this crime may give you an unsettled feeling in your stomach. However, thinking like a criminal who wants to burglarize your home can help you figure out where there are gaps within your blanket of security equipment and monitoring. One of the easiest steps you can take in figuring out whether your home needs security bars is walking around your house at night.

Ask yourself these questions as you circle the perimeter:

  • Are there lights that illuminate every exterior wall of my home?
  • Can a burglar easily reach windows without the aid of a ladder?
  • Do trees or foliage block views of my house from the street?

If your home features any of these issues, the answer might be a set of home security bars, or you may think about making some changes to your home with the addition of motion detectors and lights, as well as some brush or foliage removal.

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