We’ve all had it happen: you’re out for a walk in the evening, enjoying the night, when you find yourself suddenly enveloped in a bright beam of light. It takes only a second to realize that it’s merely the result of having triggered someone’s motion-sensing lights in passing, but it’s still a somewhat jarring experience. So why, exactly, do so many homeowners choose to affix these lights to the exterior of their homes? From an experiential viewpoint, they seem to do very little but spook passers-by. Once carefully considered, though, it becomes clear that motion-sensing lights provide an entire host of benefits to the security of one’s home.

Increase Your Awareness

Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries occur during the daytime, while occupants are typically at work or otherwise engaged. Nonetheless, an FBI report from 2011 indicates that almost 30 percent of residential burglaries took place at night. The logic on the part of the criminal is clear: darkness provides cover and allows for the element of surprise. Installing motion-sensing lights provides homeowners peace of mind by alerting them to any potential threat or suspicious activity by, quite literally, shedding light on the situation.

Increase The Awareness of Your Neighbors

While installing motion-sensing lights around the exterior of your home offers the benefit of increasing your awareness, it may be most helpful to you in the effect it has on those outside of your home. Before installing a set of lights, notify your neighbors about the impending change. In doing so, you make an external party aware of the fact that the system is intended to detect possible threats. Given that information, your neighbors are likely to check in with you or the authorities should they notice anything suspicious taking place when the lights are triggered.

Surprise Those Trying to Surprise You

One of the foremost benefits of having an external motion-sensing lighting system is that it can be an unexpected surprise to potential threats. Anyone sneaking around the perimeter of your home is, in all likelihood, not going to have the best intentions regarding you or your belongings. Therefore they are definitely going to wish to remain undetected.  By shocking them with an unexpected beam of light, you stand the chance of neutralizing the scenario before any true damage can occur. The individual caught in the lights won’t know if you’re aware of their presence, but they’ll know that you’re more likely to realize them than you had been moments prior. In many cases, this may result in the potential threat retreating from your home.

In short, setting up a network of motion-sensing lights around the exterior of your home or property may not prevent a crime in its entirety, but it will certainly reduce its likelihood. Also, check out, Protect America’s other motion sensing products to find out more ways you can better protect your home.

Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.