For homeowners on a budget, there are positive and proactive steps that can put in place to safeguard the property.

“Burglars do not want to confront anybody. At the first sign of occupancy, they’re gone,”  says Lt. Chris Hsiung of the California police department. “The criminals know that when someone is in the house, it changes the crime classification.” Implementing these steps will help to protect both house and family.


Simple Steps to Secure the Home

1. Secure the house. Most home burglaries occur during the daylight hours when family members are at work and school. Therefore, make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Locking up includes the garage.

2. Create a sense of occupancy. If away from the house for an extended period, arrange with a trusted neighbor to collect newspapers and flyers. Put lights and music on timers that turn on randomly to foster the sense that someone is home.

3. Increase the visibility in the yard. Light is your friend. Make sure that the yard is well-lit at night, and it is especially useful to train lights over pathways and around the door and windows. Thieves hate this. Motion-detector lights are relatively easy to install and are an excellent source of extra light and let people know that steps have been taken to secure the property.

4. Get to know the neighbors. Consider joining a neighborhood watch program. Alert a neighbor about travel plans and arrange for them to keep an eye on the house.

5. Landscaping. Make the yard work with security plans, not against them. Keep trees and bushes around the property nicely pruned so that they do not decrease street view and so that they do not provide a place for burglars to hide, and trim back trees that might offer access to a second story window. Conversely, plant dense and thorny or prickly bushes and shrubs around points of entry, such as windows and doors. Also, make sure that no ladders are left leaning against the house. There is no reason to aid bandits. Make them carry their own ladders!

6. A dog is a homeowner’s best friend. A well-trained dog is a burglar’s fiercest enemy.

7. Read the signs. A decoy security or beware of the dog sign can perhaps deter the easily scared off thief. They may be better than nothing, and yet it is better if they are backed up by the real deal.

8. Exterior security camera. From the toy model to the simple to the sophisticated surveillance camera that delivers images to a cell phone, a security camera is an excellent protection and monitoring device.

Professional Security Services

While taking positive steps such as the ones above are a positive step, for a higher level of security, consider a professional security service. A security service will save money on homeowner’s insurance, provide peace of mind, help ensure the safety of family and property.

Property without a security system is about 3 times more likely to be broken into or burglarized.


A Monitored Security System

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