If the saying that “nothing good ever happens after midnight” is true, then it’s natural for families to want to feel protected while they are asleep. But what systems actually help, and what systems merely stand by while burglaries occur?

Many families think that a home security camera is a great way to keep a watchful eye on their property and belongings. But as this shocking story will show, sometimes knowing what is going on at night in your home doesn’t always prevent the bad things from happening. Coupling your home security camera with a home monitoring system will ensure that not only are burglars being caught red-handed, but that help is on the way to prevent that crime in progress.

Burglar Caught Snooping In A Baby’s Room

As HLN TV first reported, a couple in Harris Country, Texas were shocked one morning to find that their home had been burglarized. $60, a laptop and a briefcase had been taken – but that didn’t begin to tell the truly frightening tale. Home security camera footage caught the burglar snooping around the house, even entering the two-year-old’s room. This all happened while the couple was asleep, not knowing a thing! Perhaps knowing that the police hadn’t been notified, the burglar even looks directly at a home security camera – mocking the homeowners who are helpless to stop the crime in progress. The father said the footage made him “sick to his stomach,” and it’s easy to see why. But could this situation have been prevented? Rather than merely observe the act in question, could technology actually stop it from happening?

How To Prevent Burglaries With Home Security Monitoring

Recording a burglary in progress and preventing it are not the same thing. Although the footage from a home security camera can catch the crime in progress and perhaps help the authorities find the culprit, it does not stop a stranger from having complete control of the situation at the moment.

To truly protect your home, you should couple your home security camera with a home security monitoring system. When a burglar enters your home, be it by window or door, an alarm will sound that will scare most intruders away. If the intruder isn’t scared away, the system will still notify the nearest monitoring station that a disturbance has occurred and the authorities will be on their way. The frightening scenario above would not have occurred if police were notified while the couple was asleep.

The best part is that having a home security camera and home security monitoring system doesn’t have to break the bank. Right now, Protect America is running a special where you can get a free home security camera when you sign up to get a home security monitoring system.

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