An attempt to break into a home or a successful intrusion occurs nearly every 13 seconds in the United States. In order to protect your home and personal belongings, installing a home security camera system is essential.

With the right home security system, deter burglars by up to 60%, as 80% of burglars admit to checking homes for potential alarm systems before marking it as a “target” location.


Before you select a home security camera setup that is ideal for you and your family’s security needs, weighing your options and learning more about your choices helps to make a decision you can feel comfortable with and confident in when moving forward.

All-In-One Home Security Systems

There are various options regarding home security systems available on the market, including all-in-one solutions ranging from Verizon’s Canary to Nest. If you are not seeking an elaborate setup with multiple methods of monitoring your home, an all-in-one home security solution may be right for you. Determine your property’s size and the most vulnerable areas surrounding your home before investing in an all-in-one solution to ensure you are not missing out on additional equipment and accessories that may add to the overall safety and protection of your household.

DIY Home Security Setups

Another option when adding security to your home is to do so yourself with a DIY solution. Purchase individual home security cameras that are either wired or wireless and install them yourself to meet your security needs. DIY home security setups are a great way to save on overall costs while eliminating installation and monthly service fees. However, when you choose to install your own home security system, you are solely responsible for monitoring it, ensuring it is working properly, and reporting any attempted or complete crime you have captured using your security cameras and other devices.


Monitored Home Security Services

When you want to guarantee the safety, protection, and monitoring of your home and household, choose a monitored home security service. Monitored home security companies offer 24/7 monitoring with alerts and responsive agents readily available during a time of crisis or whenever your alarms themselves are triggered. When your alarm is triggered and you have a monitored home security solution in place, emergency responders are immediately contacted to arrive on the scene and help with any issue at hand. Before choosing a monitored home security service that is right for you, there are a few factors to consider such as:

  • Installation costs and fees (which typically range from $30 to more than $200, depending on the provider of your choice)
  • Contract length (determine whether it is possible to modify your contract if you are in need of additional equipment or services in the future)
  • Equipment costs and fees (while some companies provide equipment free of charge, others require customers to pay the full retail price before service is activated)
  • Monthly service costs and other fees (such as early termination fees along with transferring fees when moving to a new location)

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