Home security cameras have been an important part of monitored alarm systems for the past 30 years. In the past, surveillance cameras have been important for gathering evidence during a burglary but new technology now allows homeowners to prevent robberies while they’re happening. Protect America offers high-quality and affordable home security products that fit the budget of almost any household.

Home Surveillance: An Overview

Properly adding surveillance capabilities to a home security system is a little more complicated than most people think. While professional assistance isn’t required, users should do proper research before installing security cameras. The biggest mistake made by first-time users of home security cameras is improper placement. Surveillance cameras should be placed in areas that are most likely to be targeted, such as the front door or in heavily trafficked interior spaces. Some security camera models, like the ones offered by Protect America, can even be activated by motion.

Home Security Camera System Reviews

The best home security camera systems are the ones that fit home’s needs. Most homes won’t need advanced thermal and night vision capabilities. Most modern surveillance cameras will be connected to your security system through a wireless Internet connection. This allows users to access their video feeds from most Internet-enabled computers and smartphones. Many surveillance cameras also include an archive management system that saves certain recorded events.

Finding specific reviews for home security camera service, like the one provided by Protect America, is going to be difficult. Many home security customers that offer reviews on third-party websites don’t take advantage of surveillance options. A few technology oriented publications, like CNET, does offer reviews of specific model home security cameras but these are not usually the ones used by security companies.

Protect America Home Security Cameras

The most affordable home security cameras in the industry are available from Protect America. A video surveillance option can be added to any home security package for $5 additional a month plus the cost of the camera. Protect America home security cameras also include free interactive access that allows you to view a live video feed from your computer or smartphone. Call 1-800-951-5190 to defend your home without robbing your wallet.