When it comes to home security, you really want to be prepared. There is nothing like feeling secure at your own home. Often, people only consider getting a home security system after something has happened, like an intruder entering the home. Don’t wait until that happens. There are a wide range of options available nowadays for home security.


Home security cameras are not really useful unless they can be monitored or unless footage can be recorded. That is why you should look at options for digital video recording with a digital video recorder (DVR). DVRs let you record digital video footage from your camera. There are lots of options for both cameras and DVRs for home security. Let’s take a closer look.

Security is always excessive until it’s not enough. – Robbie Sinclair

What’s Available?

As far as DVRs and cameras go, there are many different options for home security purposes. Many different brands, some you may have heard of and others, are available that offer a variety of different features. They vary in quality and price as well. These brands include FLIR, Honeywell, Best Vision, Zmodo, ZOSI, Annke and a host of others. Many of these recorders and cameras offer great video quality in 1080p resolution. Usually these systems, when sold together, offer between four and eight cameras along with the DVR unit.

This means you can place cameras in the most optimal vantage points around your home to monitor areas that are most important. You can get the angles that clearly show what is happening. Home monitoring will make you feel more at ease when leaving home. Many of these systems allow you to watch what is happening from your smart phone while away. This allows you to get a good view of your camera angles while away.

DIY Options

Often, you can hire a security installation professional to come and install these kinds of products for you, but there is significant labor cost to contend with when going that route. DIY means do it yourself. Many camera and DVR sets allow for users to install the product themselves at their home. There is varying degree of difficulty. It all depends on the products and the various features that come with these systems. Sometimes the configuration is a bit more complicated, particularly when it comes to the more advanced home security systems.

That is why there are home security installation professionals to begin with. They are very well informed about these systems and products, how they work and how best to implement them at a residence. This includes both the hardware and the software. Protect America can help you with any DIY installation questions. Give them a call if you recently purchased a system and are having difficulty with installation.


What’s the Best Solution for my Situation?

When looking at your own home security situation, you want to find the system that matches your needs. If you live in a smaller home, you may not need as many cameras. Larger homes may require even more than 8 cameras. You may even need more than one DVR unit. It all depends on the capabilities of the system you are buying or have already purchased. You can also implement cloud recording systems.

This means your data is recorded in a computer server managed by a company. There are many things to consider when getting cameras and DVRs for home security. If you are having trouble deciding on a system to purchase or how to best implement the security products that you already have purchased, you can consult with Protect America. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.