We are currently living in the safest period of time in human history. With that being said, the FBI still estimates that more than 13.9 households per 1,000 will experience property crime every single year. While the data shows we are safer than ever, most people will want to do everything possible to protect themselves. For many people this involves a security system that includes security cameras and professional monitoring. Unfortunately, the lack of internet availability can limit the number of security system options available. In particular, home security cameras, which are increasingly popular, typically require internet access. Today, we are going to explore the world of home security cameras that work without internet access.

Home Security Cameras Without Internet Access: Pros and Cons.

When discussing home security systems in 2019 and beyond, most homeowners are going to be searching for internet capable models. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the country does not have access to high-speed internet. A large portion of the country, including much of the Midwest, lacks access to the internet entirely. This means that we need to know advantages of non-internet-based security cameras.

According to the FBI, homes without a security system experience a 300% increase in likelihood of being burglarized. In interviews with incarcerated criminals, burglars revealed that they avoided homes with obvious signs of security system monitoring.

Security cameras designed to work without internet access have their own pros and cons. Security cameras without internet access tend to be hardier, more affordable, and easier to set-up. On the other hand, there are fewer options for security cameras without internet access. Non-internet security cameras tend to rely either on closed systems, such as a CCTV setup, or mobile data for connectivity.

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Top Non-Internet Home Security Cameras.

Now that we’ve covered some of the pros and cons of security cameras without internet access, we can discuss some of the options. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of security cameras that work without internet access. There are still a few great models that are worth exploring.

  • Arlo Go Mobile HD Security Camera: The Arlo Go is an incredible mobile HD security camera built with the user experience in mind. Rather than connecting to a network via wireless internet, the Arlo Go can instead work with a mobile data plan. With 1080p HD video, a sturdy build, and support from the team at Arlo, this is a fantastic security camera. The addition of SD storage allows for frequent upgrades should the camera need to record for a prolonged period of time.
  • Reolink Go Mobile HD Security Camera: When it comes to accessible wireless home security solutions, Reolink is also a great option. The Reolink Go is a similar type camera to the Arlo. This camera relies on mobile data and features a rechargeable battery, solar-powered energy, and 1080p HD video. The Reolink doesn’t need power outlets or wireless internet. With one or two units, the Reolink can be a great solution for any homeowner.
  • SY2L HD Wireless Outdoor Security: The SY2L HD Wireless Outdoor Security system is another good option. This setup fits into the demo of IP network security cameras that have become so popular in recent years. These wireless cameras feature hardy exterior bodies, 1080p wireless night vision footage, and a series of smart home detection features that most homeowners will fall in love with.

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    The above mobile home security cameras work without internet and instead rely on mobile data. These security cameras are perfect for homes that are located in rural areas without high-speed internet access.

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