One of the most challenging facets of installing and monitoring a home security system can occur when that system isn’t actually in your home. Though it may sound somewhat odd, this is a situation that countless Americans deal with each day. As our grandparents, parents and loved ones age, it becomes more and more likely that we’ll end up taking on some or all of the responsibility for the care of these individuals. While this is understandable and a load that most of us are more than willing to shoulder, it can cause a great deal of stress and logistic decision-making for the caretaker. Still, with a bit of thought and a handful of smart purchases, ensuring a strong home security presence for the residence of your elderly loved one can be a simple, straightforward process. Check out what Protect America recommends for home security equipment when caring for the elderly:

(Personal) safety first

Too often, when thinking about home security our focus immediately turns to protection of our material possessions and belongings. In reality, though, the most valuable thing to protect is the person or people living inside the residence. When it comes to caring for the elderly, one of the best steps we can take toward ensuring their protection is giving them a foolproof contact method with which to call for help in case of an emergency. Our medical panic pendant or watch provides exactly this for your elderly loved ones without interrupting the flow of their day to day life. Worn as either a watch or a necklace, this device offers a singular button that, when pressed, sends a distress signal and contacts medical authorities. Perfect for emergencies, the pendant and watch are both completely waterproof and easy to wear. We highly recommend this as a valuable addition to the home security package for an elderly individual.

Locking options

Our Z-wave door lock eliminates any worry you may have of your elderly loved ones being unable to access their home. Make lockouts resulting from lost or forgotten keys a thing of the past by providing your parents or grandparents with a multitude of ways to unlock their doors. The Z-Wave lock, once installed, allows for a lock to be opened either via traditional key, by entering a passcode on a keypad, or entirely digitally through Protect America’s Smart Connect application. Consider outfitting the exterior doors of your loved ones’ home with these locks to ensure that they’re always able to leave without worrying about accidental lockouts.