When many parents send their kids off to college, they assume that the campus police and the various security measures at the university will be enough to keep their kids safe.

But many students live off-campus, or in student housing that ends up being far from campus and the arms of university safety officials. This is where home security comes in.

According to an Education Department report, the overall crime is down on college campuses, but sex crimes have increased by more than 50 percent from 2001 to 2011. This is a humbling reminder that parents and universities must protect against property crime and burglary, but also crimes that involve personal safety and attacks.

Outfitting students with security equipment alleviates the worry that parents may have. Here’s why it’s valuable:

College Housing Security Made Easy

A wireless home security system is simple, concealable, and easy to setup. A Protect America home security system can be setup in as little as 30 minutes.

With the advent of home automation and smart home technology, students can monitor their home from anywhere they are (even the classroom, though we don’t recommend) and they can arm and disarm their system or turn off appliances. This is a great feature if your kid headed to class without remembering to turn off the lights in the house. And since kids are always on their smartphones, there’s no excuse for forgetting to hit the shut off switch.

Most college dorms and apartments are filled with expensive items. Expensive books, iPods, televisions, laptops, video games, various other expensive electronics, personal items, and maybe even a bicycle that sits inside of the home.

With home security alarm sensors, students will know anytime an intruder enters the home, or someone goes in their room or other spaces where guests shouldn’t be. This is a great way to ward off the potential unwanted guests that may come from people who accompany roommates.

Students can also alleviate the cost of a home security system by splitting the cost between roommates. This saves money, and each student will feel as though their belongings and safety are ensured.

But we do want to remind students and parents that though the home is secured, there are other dangers that are present on college campuses.

Remember to be wary of other dangers that are present and guard against those as well

Stick to the basics, and make sure that students are always locking homes, bikes, and other belongings anytime they’re away. Know contact information for safety personnel, and know where the police call buttons are located on campus. Remember to always report any suspicious activity that you see near your housing or on campus.

Students can purchase additional tools to aid their security efforts, like bike locks, pepper spray, and others if they feel uncomfortable at night. Most campuses also have systems that transport kids to and from dorms late at night.

Precautions for safety on college campuses are similar to those you’ll experience in homes. Know your neighbors, cover the basics, and be prepared.