With the burglary data from the FBI showing a significant decrease in the vice from 2006 to 2015, it is inevitable that the question of whether a home security system is worth the trouble comes up. A home security system can be compared to a homeowner’s insurance policy, which you buy but hope that circumstances necessitating its use do not come up. You may, however, deem it necessary to install one for the following reasons:

  • Protect your valuables
  • Prevent break-ins – 85% of police officers believe that home security systems aids in deterring burglary attempts.
  • You get notified of other issues such as fire outbreaks or gas leakages. You can then alert the fire department or act appropriately.
  • Modernized home security systems allow you to access your home remotely. You can see what’s going on, as well as control door locks, lights, among other things.

Overall, having a security system gives you peace of mind as you’re assured of finding everything intact, or being notified in the event of a burglary attempt.


What type of security system should I choose?

There are different types of home security systems and choosing one is not a walk in the park. Continuous technological developments in the industry have not made things any easier. Let’s delve deeper into wired and wireless home security systems, along with the pros and cons of each.

Wired home security systems

This is less expensive than the wireless system and has fewer security components. However, extra expenses may be incurred to run the wires through the walls if the house is already built.

  • It is easy to maintain as a professional is only involved in the initial set-up. You do not have to be bothered about changing the battery every now and again to keep the system running.
  • It is less susceptible to hacking as the person would have to access the system to hack it physically. These systems have a control module secured in a location that would be fairly inaccessible to a burglar.
  • Control panels can be installed in multiple rooms
  • Wired systems are connected to your telephone and do not rely on sensors, making them more reliable than their counterparts. Burglars cannot circumvent your security system by taking the phone off its hook.


  • They are not suitable for DIYs. Installation fees are therefore necessary.
  • Cutting the phone lines outside the premise and power outages predispose the property to burglary.
  • Wired systems are more or less permanent. It may be impossible to uninstall and move it as and when you decide to move houses. Besides, some companies do not recommend the re-installation of an old security system.


Wireless home security systems

Wires running behind walls are a perfect give away of a hidden camera’s presence, which is why more people lean towards wireless home security systems.


  • They are easy to install. The fact that no drilling and wiring is involved makes them perfect for DIYs. This eliminates any installation costs.
  • As they are wireless, they cannot be disabled by cutting wires
  • They offer remote accessibility which is incredibly convenient. Wireless systems use cellular technology; therefore, an app installed on your mobile phone can either arm or disarm your security system.
  • Wireless security systems are flexible and can be upgraded and modified to meet specific standards
  • They are easy to remove and reinstall, which makes them ideal for people living in rental homes


  • The major downside of this type of security system is that its signal must be strong enough to penetrate through walls to deliver information to the main control. A weak signal means that the system is useless.
  • They are battery operated; hence you have to keep changing the batteries to keep the system operational.
  • Burglars can jam the wireless signals so as not to set off once they break in.

Both wired and wireless home security systems offer a sense of security and some level of protection from break-ins. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America. We are an award-winning home security company dedicated to taking the security burden off your shoulder by providing the ultimate home protection systems. We seek to accommodate everyone’s needs through our basic plan that can later be upgraded to accommodate more outstanding features.