Ever thought about what stops a burglar from breaking into your home? Burglars can vary from what type of burglar they are. They all are different from how they act and what lengths they are willing to go through to break into your home. A good way to be prepared for a burglar is the obvious, to have a security system. That’s only the first step to be protected but there are other things you can do to ensure your never really have to use your alarm system in an emergency, especially if you’re in the home.

Here is a list of our top home security deterrents:

1. Home Security Yard Sign

The sign usually does the trick. It lets people know that you are protected. Keep your home security yard sign visible and in from of your home. Sometimes if you have a corner lot you can place one on the side of your home as well. Protect America offers solar yard signs that are even visible at night!

2. Beware of Dog Sign

Have a dog or puppy? Put a “beware of dog” sign on your fence or window. This shows that you may or may not have a dog that is vicious. Most burglars might feel threatened. It’s a classic scare tactic, but it does work.

3. Keep a Light On

Leave a light on in your home. If you’re okay with running your electric bill up slightly (this shouldn’t be too bad if you’re using energy efficient florescent light bulbs); you can leave a light that’s visible from an out-looker viewing your home. Usually a light on means someone is home. Most burglars won’t even attempt to make an entry.

4. Use Outdoor Motion Activated Lights

Place these in the front of your home, anywhere within walking distance of entry ways to your home. Someone walks in front of one, and bam! The lights turn on, they usually walk away or don’t even attempt to break in.

5. Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Don’t let strangers see what valuables you have. Keep windows and blinds closed especially when  you’re not home.

Those are just a few of our top tips. Deterring burglars isn’t always possible, but making sure you do everything you can to have peace of mind is what counts. Most of these things are probably some things that you practice but remember, always use your alarm system.

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