Protect America offers home security for the ENTIRE family. Yup, that means even your pets can benefit from home security equipment offered by Protect America. The best part of a security system can be having peace of mind knowing you’re monitored not only for burglary but fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and even floods.

Equipment You Should Have to Protect Your Pets

Fire/Smoke Detector: These are one of the most important products when it comes to home security. Our smoke detectors are monitored 24/7. This means, even if your security system is disarmed they will still be on no matter what. They will alarm you and the monitoring station if it senses smoke or heat. This is essential to protecting your home. Fires usually result in a complete loss. Protect your pets when you’re not there.

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Carbon Monoxide Sensor: Carbon monoxide is referred to as a silent killer. You can’t smell it. You can’t hear it. And you never see it coming. Often times, carbon monoxide poisoning can result in illness and at times can be deadly. Carbon monoxide can come from home appliances and cars. Having a monitored carbon monoxide sensor in your home to keep your family and pets safe is vital. It will smell the deadly odor before it can affect you.

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Surveillance Cameras: Setting a video system to watch what your pets do while you’re gone can actually be pretty fun. Knowing exactly how they seem to get out of their cage or catch them doing funny things can be hilarious. Most importantly keeping an eye on your furry friend can you give peace of mind. It will help you understand their characteristics while they’re alone and give you some insight on how to keep them safe around the home.

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Those are just a few important products to have to protect your pets with your home security system. Actually having an alarm system and setting up the usual sensors for door and windows as well as motion detectors to protect them and your valuables while you’re gone is important.

Happy National Pet Week!

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