The image of a large, barking dog attacking potential intruders seems like a great deterrent against burglars. However, are security dogs actually effective for home security? Let’s explore the pros and cons of home security dogs as protection against criminals.


Pros of Home Security Dogs

Some of the obvious pros of having a guard dog are:

  • Good visual deterrent
  • Barking could scare away potential intruders and the noise alerts those nearby

Some people may have had bad experiences with dogs in the past and just the sight of a large dog (or small dog—Chihuahuas can be vicious!) may make many would-be criminals reconsider their plans. If people are trying to case your home, a guard dog’s keen sense of smell and excellent hearing allow it to detect people easily.

While even a normal dog is likely to bark and alert you to intruders, a trained home security dog can differentiate between friendly people who you don’t want the dog barking at and troublesome people that you want the guard on alert against. Trained home security dogs often know a wide range of commands, so you can tell the dog to bark to scare off a criminal, or give the animal the command to attack if you feel your life is in danger. Many personal protection dogs are trained to be friendly around children, ensuring that the animal feels like a family pet that just happens to have the ability to keep everyone safe.

Cons of Home Security Dogs

Buying a dog for personal protection and safety is an involved process. If you just get the first Rottweiler or Great Dane that looks scary, you may bring home an unhelpful animal at best and a dangerous animal at worst. Finding a properly trained security dog is challenging, which is why some companies provide pre-trained dogs that are designed to meet your home security needs. The major downside to buying one of these dogs is the price. A home security dog from a reputable company can cost upward of $40,000 dollars! That’s just the initial price for the animal; you still need to factor in food, shots, and veterinarian bills.

A bag of lunch meat mixed with dog tranquilizers is enough to put your 5-figure guard dog out for the count against criminals!

While there are a lot of upsides to having a domesticated animal protecting your home. Their animal natural is often used against them. Even the best dog is still a canine at heart, and what canine would turn down a tasty chunk of meat? A bag of lunch meat mixed with dog tranquilizers is enough to put your 5-figure guard dog out for the count against criminals! It’s not uncommon to hear of criminals carrying poisoned meat to incapacitate a dog while they break into a home.


What’s the Verdict on Home Security Dogs?

Ideally, a security dog would complement an existing home security system for optimal protection. Now, when choosing a security system, it’s important to make sure that it’s monitored. A monitored security system offers 24-hour surveillance, while an unmonitored system may simply catch a criminal on camera while they waltz into your home.

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