With home invasions on the rise, more home owners are looking for the best security options to fortify their home. One of the main concerns with break-ins are the flimsy, simple locks that most doors are equipped with. The standard deadbolt doesn’t always work to keep intruders out. They simply kick in the door at its most vulnerable area. That’s why many are turning to security door bars to enhance the security of their home. If you’re looking into methods to secure your home, start with the door! Here are three things you should know about security door bars:


1. What Is a Door Security Bar?

A typical door security bar is made of high-quality steel that stretches out across the width of the door to prevent unwanted entry. Door bars are available in various sizes to accommodate any door size. Most sliding doors can benefit from door jammers which keep the door from moving. Security bars not only enhance the security of your door but they also prove to be good deterrents. Putting ample security on your property will help to dissuade a burglar from choosing your home in the first place.

2. How Door Security Bars Work

Security door jam bars provide an extra layer of security that surpasses mear locks. Some models can withstand up to 350 pounds of brute force effectively stopping attempts of unwanted entry. Some door jam bars fit into the door molding, a simple job for any handy man. Other styles attach to the door frame which is recommended as a stronger security solution. When set-up the right way, security door jam bars make doors virtually kick-proof.

3. Where to Use Door Security Bars

Because security bars come in various, adjustable lengths they can be used with different door widths. Because about 56% percent of burglars enter through the front, it is highly recommended that your secure your front door as best as you can. But there are many other entry points in the home that you can secure with a security bar including:

  • any door that connect the garage to the main house
  • side doors
  • back doors such as the patio


For More Information

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