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Did you know that an estimated 70% of home invaders enter through a door (as opposed to a window), which includes front doors, patio doors and even garage doors?

Everything can be rigged with home security systems. Gates can be set up to prevent thieves from even getting to the door. Doors themselves can prevent intruders from getting inside. That is correct. Technology in home security is so advanced that even doors have turned into smart doors. Now, doors do now have to be super high-tech. There are also simple tricks to make the front and back doors of a house that much safer. Either way a home owner chooses, having a more secure door adds more peace of mind. Protect America has discovered three things to know about increased door safety.

  • Smart doors can stop intruders and provide more safety
  • Smart doors can help withstand the force of storms and harsh weather
  • There are seven tips to make doors burglar proof


Smart Doors can Stop Intruders and Provide More Safety

For starters, there are two types of doors: an openwork steel door and a door that looks like a regular wood or fiberglass door on the outside, but steel with reinforced side fixing. Other features with smart doors include keyless locks, hinge screws, hinges on security doors, and peepholes. If the home owner does get steel doors, they have to take good care of them and prevent them from rusting with the weather. Security doors can be purchased from places like Home Depot, Amazon, and other places. Installation and costs might be a pain, but they can be worth it in the end. Adding a camera in the lock can be the cherry on top of a secure sundae.

Smart Doors can Help Withstand the Force of Storms and Harsh Weather

Aside from keeping out the burglars, smart doors can also stand up to really bad weather. Steel is a really stop material and can withstand the wind. But, it cannot stand up to rust and corrosion over time. Because of this, it will require plenty of care and maintenance of keep them in tip top condition. Even then, there will come a time to replace the door after storm. Plus, lack of insulation is not a nice thing if the home owner lives in hot and cold climates. Luckily, there are also the options of fiberglass and wooden doors. Whatever is chosen, the smart door will be guaranteed to survive even the worst of storms.

There are Seven Tips to Make Doors Burglar Proof

If a home owner cannot afford a fancy smart, they can go low tech. offers seven tips to help make your door that much more safer.

  • Solid Security: The harder the material of the door, the better chances the home owner will be safe. The best choices as stated above are wood, fiberglass, and metal. If somebody can kick it in so easily, get a harder material. For home owners that go with metal doors, make sure that it has interior reinforcement and a lock block, to prevent a thief from bending it open with a car jack.
  • Go Windowless: Windows can give people the chance to see inside the house. The home owner might as well have a sign on the front door saying, “Please rob me.” It does not take much for somebody to break the glass and reach in to unlock the door. If the home owner wants light in their living room, they are better off with bay windows.
  • See Ya, Shrubbery: Bushes may look nice in the yard, but they can also provide a good hiding spot for burglars during their stakeout. Do not grow high shrubbery by the doors and windows.
  • Install a Deadbolt: It never hurts to have extra security with the locks. Deadbolts can come as cheap as $5 in the local hardware store. Plus, they are pretty easy to find online.
  • Secondary Protection: Nobody can have too much security. recommends getting a one-sided deadbolt. They do not have keyed access to the outside, so they can only be used when the homeowner is home, to engage the lock from the inside, but they’re nearly impossible for a burglar to bypass
  • Don’t Forget the Frame: All parts of the door have to be made secure. The frame and doorjamb are just as important. One swift kick to a weak jamb or frame, and the door cracks open like a pinata. Reinforce the doorjamb and frame as soon as possible.
  • Sliding Doors: These might attract intruders, but sliding doors are tougher to get in. The door has to be reinforced glass or plastic like polycarbonate and not just glass. Always keep these doors locked and place a wooden or metal dowel in the track. Curtains are helpful to block the view.

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