As more people reach their golden years, it is important to take certain safety steps in order to prevent burglary and other safety concerns such as unintentional falls. As we get older, our bodies change. Perhaps we move a little slower. These types of natural changes can sometimes lead to accidents. Additionally, the elderly are unfortunately more prone to burglary than single-home families. Safety for senior citizens is crucial. Today we will discuss the multitude of home security and safety precautions you can take in order to continue to live healthy and active lifestyles for a long time.

Burglary Prevention

Senior citizens can find the right kind of protection and minimize their chances of being victims to burglary by investing in a professionally monitored home security system. A professionally monitored system can save precious moments in the event of a break in because you system will automatically dial for help once the situation is assessed. A good home security system is the foundation of any home safety plan. Additionally, a security system can watch over your home if you plan on traveling during your retirement! Protect America aims to offer you the most affordable technology on the market. For as low as $19.99 a month you can get all your start-up equipment for free and protect your home in the best way possible.

Other Deterrents


Keep outside areas well-lit. Leave your porch lights on in front of your home and in the backyard. Burglars hate brightly lit homes, and will skip yours. Consider putting lights on timers or appliance modules in order to mimic the appearance of being occupied if you are away. Don’t ever open the front door unless you know who the visitor is, or are expecting a repairman. Burglars will sometimes dress in repair worker uniforms and carry clipboards in order to really blend in unnoticed. Consider adding a keypad deadbolt lock to any of your exterior facing doors in order to boost security. With this device you will be able to unlock or lock your doors with the push of a button. Wouldn’t it be nice to make sure your door is locked from anywhere? 

Life Safety

While it is very important to make sure the senior is protected in cases of burglary, it is also important to consider other factors that can affect the senior’s safety. For instance, some seniors may have mobility issues that affect how a senior needs to escape from danger including fires or gas leaks. For this reason, we suggest investing in smoke alarms and CO detectors, as well as other disaster sensors such as freeze or flood sensors. Investing in these type of environmental sensors is a great idea for any home, whether you are elderly or not. At Protect America, our smoke detectors are monitored. Monitored smoke detectors can identify smoke or rapid rising temperatures 24 hours a day. Even if your security system is disarmed, our monitoring facility notifies your local fire department if it detects a fire.

Another major defense for any life endangering threats is opting to wear a medical emergency pendant. At Protect America, we carry an easy to use pendant and security watch that will bring you safety when you need it most. The medical panic pendant can be worn around the neck or as a pager. The wrist watch should be worn around your wrist. Both pieces of equipment are waterproof. Perfect for elderly parents, home security packages with medical panic alert provide security and life safety starting at just $19.99 per month.


Convenience of Automation

Additionally, home automation products can do wonders to make the lives of the elderly easier. For example, our Z-Wave appliance module will allow you to control your home from your smart phone with our easy-to-use SMART connect app. Turn on and off lights without having to walk across the room. It also works with small appliances such as space heaters and fans.

We must feel safe and secure in order to be able to relax, so be security conscious. Protect America hopes that these simple precautions and adjustments can help ensure a safe, accident-free home. For a checklist that may benefit you greatly, consider checking out this guide from the Colorado State University on senior living safety. Additional information about the home security features and other life safety devices that Protect America has to offer can be found here.