From the fantastic, feel-good act of saving money on home insurance to the priceless knowledge of protecting loved ones, home, and valuables, home security offers myriad benefits such as peace of mind, sound sleep, and an excellent sense of being prepared for any contingency. There are many things to consider when selecting a home security system. Here are some points to keep in mind when evaluating home security features. To make things simple, consider these five options for 2018.


Five Cutting-Edge Options for Home Security Features that Offer Totally Up-to-the-Minute Coverage for Your Home

  • HD wireless video cameras. A wireless video camera will help to monitor home and property. Be aware of what is happening inside the home when away with a camera that generates a crystal clear feed and possesses two-way audio and has a night vision feature. Be in control with a system that allows the homeowner to arm and disarm the system at a distance and sends instant alerts to maintain communication.
  • A wireless or a hardwired system. Many people prefer wireless systems since an installation technician can easily set up the home security system. As a bonus, many contemporary systems are compatible with wireless security and allow for cloud storage.  Keep your data safe by backing it up.
  • Motion detectors. These security devices are a fantastic crime deterrent.  To make the most of this security feature and to work around false alarms, always carefully plan where each motion detector is placed.
  • Door and window sensors. Sophisticated door and window sensors may operate by using a magnetic field that when broached broadcast a signal to the control panel, thus setting off an alarm. Keep in mind that warnings systems such as alarms are a terrific means for scaring burglars away from the premises.
  • Monitored smoke detection. While traditional smoke detectors perform the function of warning family members of fire, monitored smoke detectors automatically alert first responders of an emergency.

Monitored vs. Unmonitored Home Security Systems

When considering a home security system to protect home, property, and family, a vital consideration is the difference between non-monitored and monitored home security.  Non-monitored is always an option, and the consumer will receive a text if an alert comes in via cell phone, but that puts the onus of responsibility on to the customer to contact the police and fire departments. A monitored security system automatically relays the information to first responders, which when the time is of the essence, is one less issue to deal with in an emergency.

According to the New York Times:

Beyond Security. While keeping burglars out of your house is the foundation of any security system, the monitoring service can include fire alarms, heat sensors, and other features.”


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