Flooding is a familiar disaster to may people in the United States, especially on the southern and east coasts. Flash flooding is the leading cause of weather related deaths causing approximately 200 deaths per year. Flooding also can cause substantial damage to your home and belongings.

Unfortunately years ago, people did not have the weather forecasting tools of today, nor the technology to predict and take safety measures in the event of a natural disaster.

Being able to detect a flood in your home before it causes extreme damage can make all the difference. Protect America offers a flood senor that alarms the monitoring station once it receives the signal.

Your alarm will sound out loud or audibly depending on the way you set up the sensor. The sensor itself has two metal prongs. Once metal or water connects the two, it creates an electrical current that will enable the actual sensor to communicate with the panel. Once the communication hits the panel, the alarm monitoring center will call you and notify you that your flood sensor has been triggered.

Whether the alarm is from an actual flood, or just a broken water pipe, detecting the flood or water break ahead of time can save you a lot of money and even sometimes your life. This home security sensor is great for flood monitoring especially for elderly people, or someone disabled who might not be able to move quite fast.

A flood sensor is just another extra security precaution to take when it comes to protecting your home and belongings. It’s just another great feature Protect America offers to all customers at no extra charge a month. Protect the things you love and your loved ones. Find out how you can get a free home security system and add flood security monitoring today.

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