Whether you are facing a hurricane, a tornado warning, a flood or even a wildfire, natural disasters are dangerous and scary. You don’t always have a lot of notice when a natural disaster is about to strike, and so it is usually in just a short period of time that you have to make major choices for your family. Where will you go? What will you take? Will you ride it out and stay? If so, what do you need to keep your home and family safe and secure?

There is nothing as stressful as coping through a natural disaster. The unknown is nearly unbearable, the power is out, the winds are heightened and afterwards the damage is extensive. Staying home during a natural disaster is dangerous, but for some, the stress of leaving your home behind and being out of touch from all neighbors and friends as you wait for your hometown to recover is too stressful to even consider.


Having a home security system during a natural disaster can help you feel reassured that your home is secure while you take your family to safety until the danger passes.

Safety First

Staying behind during a natural disaster because you are scared of what would happen to your home if you aren’t there isn’t a good idea, yet this is 100% the decision that many people make. If a storm is too dangerous for your home to handle without you, then it is too dangerous for you to stay in your home.

There are steps that you can take to ensure that your home is safe through a storm. These include:

  • Boarding up all windows and doors before you leave.
  • Taking all precious objects off of the floor, including antique tables and chairs.
  • Putting important documents high in a closet or in a fire and water proof safe.

Also, it is a good idea to take important documents with you. Birth certificates and marriage licenses are important, but following the storm your insurance documentation is going to be even more important. Take all policy documents with you.

Prior to leaving your home for a natural disaster, it is also a good idea to take an inventory of your belongings for insurance documentation purposes. Take pictures of your electronics, as well as the front and back of your house. If you have a fence, then take a picture of that as well. Before and after images will be helpful with documenting any claims.

Protecting your Home during Recovery

Often, recovery from a natural disaster takes at least a week—sometimes longer. During that time your town may have limited electricity, little to no gas for people to travel anywhere, and may potentially even be low on food and water.


Here are some things to take into consideration, especially if you are leaving town:

  • If you have a generator, make sure your alarm system is hooked up to it so that you are able to monitor your home even if your power is out.
  • Just as when you are traveling for any other reasons, don’t post your plans to leave on social media. Tell close friends and family members your plans, but you don’t need to update the entire world. This just lets potential crooks know that you won’t be home.

It is during this recovery period after the storm that even more damage can happen to your home as looting and desperation come into effect. This is why having a home security system can be helpful. If you need help protecting your home, reach out to Protect America for professional advice and guidance.