You want home security but you don’t want to pay a lot upfront. After all, security is going to be an on-going cost. Security alarm systems can cost thousands of dollars, which most people don’t want to have to pay in a large chunk.

Erker says the most basic alarm installation costs about $300. However, he says most of his jobs fall in the $800 to $1,600 range, but the price goes up from there if you require a higher level of protection.  – Angies List

Many home security solutions are going to subsidize the cost of your installation, but not all of them offer free installation.


Free Installation

There are two ways to get free installation: you can get it through a security company (with a contract) or you can install your devices yourself and sign up for a separate monitoring package. In general, systems that are setup by the homeowner tend to be less advanced and less accurate, while most advanced security solutions are required to be installed by professionals.

Even systems that offer low-cost installation services very rarely offer truly free installation services, as they need to pay out their contractors for the installation. Thus, it’s far more likely to see low-cost installation packages than completely free packages.

Top Free Installation Companies

There are a number of companies that do provide free or low-cost installation services. These include:

  • Protect America is going to be the lowest price DIY system with the easiest setup. They use state of the art IoT technology in their equipment so you can move it around your house or to a new house with easy. They also have highly trained techs who will walk you through the installation.
  • Frontpoint is a DIY alarm system that comes in a kit and nevertheless offers paid, subscription monitoring services. Frontpoint’s installation is free without a contract because the homeowner installs the system themselves. Following the setup can be confusing however.
  • Nest Protect is another DIY alarm system, which is integrated with the Nest smart home solution. Those with a Nest thermostat or Nest protection device can integrate their Nest protects their ecosystem as well. Nest does have a monitoring service, though it can be expensive and is fairly rudimentary. Though homeowners can install this device themselves, it relies upon high-speed Internet to complete its connections and can consume significant amounts of bandwidth
  • ADT provides its equipment completely free, but there is still a customer installation charge attached to new accounts. Homeowners are not allowed to install an ADT system on their own; it has to be installed by a professional. A 36-month contract is required on top of the installation charge. Charges can range between $99 to $199 depending on the home and the packages being installed.
  • SimpliSafe offers security kits geared towards both commercial and residential customers. SimpliSafe has fairly limited technological options, but it can all be installed by a homeowner or a business owner rather than having to pay for installation. A monitoring service is further available that can notify the business or homeowner in the event that their system is breached.
  • Vivint offers a $0 activation fee, in addition to subsidizing the full cost of the equipment with a $99 installation fee. However because that $99 installation fee does exist, it cannot be considered truly free. Vivint requires professional installation of their devices and can lock customers into a long contract.


What You Should Be Aware Of

Always be aware that a free installation usually comes with a cost. That cost is signing up for a contract. For some security solutions, that contract is a fairly low number, such as two years. For other security solutions ,the contract can be up to five years.

When you’re locked into a contract, you need to ask a few important questions:

  • What happens if I move? What if the move is outside of your service range?
  • What are the fees for early termination or cancellation?
  • Is there a grace period during which I can change my mind?

A reputable security system will be able to answer the above questions in a reasonable way. Otherwise you could end up spending a lot of money in fees that you didn’t anticipate.

Protect America provides free installation, best-in-class security systems, regardless of the technology or monitoring services you need. Contact the experts at Protect America today to get a quote.