Do you know that most home invaders enter a house through a door? If not so, you need to invest in securing your doors including front, garage and patio doors.

“Where does security lie in your home?”

Here are things you should consider to improve your home security for French doors.


A door’s strength is dependent on its lock. A burglar can easily neutralize a steel door if your lock doesn’t reach the doorframe. Therefore, when selecting a deadbolt, consider its brand name instead of the price.

Moreover, you can install a single-sided deadbolt. You can’t have keyed access to such devices from the outside. Therefore, you can only use them when you are at home to trigger the lock. Besides, they provide you with maximum home security when sleeping or having fun with your family.

Solid Security

Your house requires solid exterior doors. They could be solid wood doors or doors with a rigid wood-core. Besides, you can also use fiberglass or metal doors. If you pick out a metal door, ensure that it has a sturdy interior reinforcement. Also, it should have a lock block to prevent robbers from distorting it.

However, a reinforced steel door needs constant maintenance to avoid rust.

Use Windowless Doors

Door windows facilitate light’s penetration into a house. However, they pose a security threat. If a window is within an arm’s reach of the door’s lock, one can easily smash it and unlock the door. Hence, if you are contemplating on getting a new door, chose a windowless one.

Moreover, if your current door has a window, you need to take certain security precautions. Select reinforced glass and add a metal reinforcement. Also, you can install a secondary lock at the floor level as long as it’s within your local fire regulations.

The Doorjamb and Frame

The doorjamb and frame are vital for optimum door security. Consider installing a deep box strike, a steel pocket which covers your deadbolt’s bolt. Also, fix three-inch screws that reach your wall studs. You might also need to reinforce the doorjamb with steel to withstand any brutal force.

Sliding Doors

Many burglars assume it’s easy to break into sliding doors. However, you can modify such entries to secure them. First, ensure that they comprise of reinforced glass. Also, always keep them closed.

Place the metal or wooden dowel inside the truck while ensuring that the rod is not less than a quarter inch shorter than your track’s length. It helps in preventing the door from giving in to sudden force. Moreover, ensure that your alarm provider installs motion and vibration sensors to alert you in case an intruder breaks the glass. Furthermore, you can install internal curtains to limit your home’s view from the outside.

Door Locks and Latches

Typical French doors have two types of locks; the classic bottom and top key operated 5-lever lock. Its operation resembles that of ordinary front doors. However, such entries are rarely burglar-proof. Therefore, you should supplement it with mortise rack bolts. Also, you should fit them at ninety degrees to prevent the wood from splitting when hit.

Most French doors open outwards; therefore, it’s crucial to add hinge bolts. If a mortise lock is insufficient for your home, you can replace it with a multi-point locking door system. It is a different door lock whose operation is similar to that of a mortise lock. However, it locks a door in several places which unlock simultaneously upon turning a key. The bolts are either push-to-lock tools or devices or locks which activate a deadbolt to secure your French door.

Door Alarms

Installing an alarm system is vital for any homeowner. You can fix one at the back of your house or one which covers your whole premise. Since a full security system is usually expensive, a vibration sensitive alarm is a viable option. It prevents forced entry into your house.

Also, you can quickly install the sensors on your French door’s glass panes to alert you in the event of a break in. Moreover, you can also procure wedge alarms. You can fix them under your doors, and they will instantly set off when your doors move abruptly.


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