Autumn means the start of many things. The leaves begin to change color in anticipation of winter, agricultural communities begin shifting their focus from growth to harvest and students from across the country prepare to make the transition from high school to college life. Few things could be as exciting as the beginning of that particular chapter in life, but it’s important that new college students consider their home security away mom and dad’s house. Whether you or your children are already enrolled in college, just now applying to schools or simply preparing for the future, make sure that you consider the ways you can guarantee safety and security in a new environment. While that process might seem daunting at first, Protect America has you taken care of. Take a look at these few life hacks for establishing a secure living environment during your college years:

Consider your location

If you or your children are incoming freshman, then the odds are high that they’ll be living in campus housing or dormitories. While this idea seems new and exciting to many college bound students, the truth of the matter is that many of these housing scenarios are far from optimal. As a freshman, you’re bound to have little say in where you’re put for housing, so consider the logistics of your housing assignment once you receive it. College campuses are hotbeds for small time theft. While most of the items taken can be easily replaced, these robberies still present a huge inconvenience to the victims involved. If your room is on the first floor of any building on campus, then you’re far more likely to have your space broken into from the outside than residents of any upper floor. Consider equipping your room with either glass break sensors or door and window sensors, so that you can be aware immediately if someone is trying to gain unwanted entrance to your room.

Upgrade your locks

To be totally blunt, much of the off-campus housing selected by upperclassmen is often picked for it’s space or location and not it’s security. As these houses or apartments are often occupied by different groups of students year in and year out, it’s hard to know how many people might still have keys to the unit. Ensure that nobody can enter except you and your roommates by equipping your doors with our Z-Wave Door Lock. Offering three different methods of unlocking (a standard key, a pinpad code or remote smartphone opening via our Smart Connect application), the Z-Wave Door Lock will ensure you’re never locked out while letting only you and those you trust in.

Consider insurance

College marks the beginning of one’s life as a semi-independent young adult, and that comes with an increase in personal property. Whether it’s books, electronics, clothing or anything else, it’s important that new students begin to consider protecting their belongings in a less tangible manner, such as insurance. Many companies offer renters insurance packages to college students with discounted rates and flexible coverage options. Particularly if you’re living off campus, you or your child may want to look into what coverage options are available for them and their roommates so that their belongings are protected in the event of an emergency or robbery.