Implementing a home security system is essential regardless of where you are located in the world. In the US alone, more than 2 million burglaries are committed each year. When you want to install your own home security cameras, motion detection devices, and sensors, it is best to compare all of the options you have available to you before making a decision.


Did you know that homes without a home security system are 300% more likely to become vandalized or burglarized by criminals?

Research Products

Research various home security cameras and other accessories you are interested in for your own home. Compare features, functionality, and integration capabilities before determining which solutions are right for the setup you have in mind for your home. When you begin researching home security equipment and solutions, there are a few things to keep in mind such as:

  • Features. Research features and functionality of home security cameras, motion detectors, and any window or door sensors you are interested in.
  • Compare pricing of all individual home security equipment and accessories to determine whether a DIY or professional solution is right for you.
  • Compatibility. Knowing whether your home security setup is compatible with the type of monitoring you prefer (using your computer, a television, or even your smartphone) is essential before making a decision and a long-term investment for your security and protection.
  • Review warranties and any additional fees that may be required with each home security camera or all-in-one solution you are comparing when you want to reduce costs while maximizing the amount of protection you receive.
  • Activation fees. Determine whether the type of home security equipment and cameras you want to install require an activation or installation fee to get started before making an investment.

DIY Solutions

Installing your own home security system is possible by purchasing security cameras and equipment independently or choosing a provider such as Protect America which offers a DIY option for installation. When you choose to build your own home security system, you are responsible for selecting a monitoring setup that works for any wiring you have in mind while also taking on the responsibility of reacting and responding to any and all alerts you receive via computer or smartphone.

Monitored Home Security

Monitored home security is an optimal solution for millions of Americans, providing 24/7 consistent monitoring whether you spend most of your time outside of the home or if you are searching for a system that protects you even when you are not monitoring it yourself. With monitored home security, enjoy the luxury of receiving immediate alerts and communication whenever an area of your alarm system has been triggered and set off. Monitored home security solutions also contact appropriate authorities when an alarm is triggered whether your carbon monoxide detector has gone off or if you are in need of local firefighters and police officers.


When you want to keep your family and home safe at all times, consider Protect America. Established in 1992, Protect America is of the nation’s leading home security provider, offering both DIY installation solutions as well as professional assistance and guidance. When you want to feel safe and secure even when you are not a home, choose a service such as Protect America to provide you with the 24/7 monitoring you need.

Do you want a home security solution that is reliable, trustworthy, and offers maximum flexibility without overcharging you? Contact Protect America to learn more about our equipment, current plans, or to create a solution that is truly personalized to fit the needs of your household today.