The world is connected more than ever before through the advancements made in technology and engineering. People are sharing their thoughts and ideas with others on the opposite side of the planet, smart phones put the entire body of human knowledge at a person’s fingertips, and intelligent machines are being put into the hands of children at an early age. One of the biggest tech ideas in both size and scope is the Internet of Things, which aims to integrate online services to almost every aspect of human life, including home security systems.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The concept of IoT revolves around the idea that objects and people should have the ability to interact with each other over a unified digital network. Through this system, data can be transferred without the human-to-human or human-to-computer assistance. Heart monitors would be able to access information from a hospital database and alert physicians in the event of an emergency. Tire sensors would notify a car’s on-board computer that the air pressure of a wheel is low. Refrigerators would be able to “sense” when it is low on milk or vegetables and text message a family member’s smartphone or tablet.

It is no secret that people have shorter attention spans due to the culture of instant gratification. With computers tirelessly analyzing the details of our lives, people can focus on more important endeavors. We would be able to track our consumption of products and energy to reduce waste, and know when equipment needed repairs or replacement.  The Internet of Things is the culmination of our desire to become more efficient.

How does IoT apply to home security systems?

Imagine being connected to your home on a level never achieved before. Every aspect of your life in that space, from room temperature to lighting, would be available at the touch of a button on your smartphone. Now imagine that level of connectivity to your home security system. While you’re away on business or vacation, you would be able to access your security surveillance video and make sure your loved ones are safe from harm. As the technology of IoT evolves, you might even be able to lock your doors and windows from the other side of the country. The IoT would allow your home security system to connect to household appliances. The system could make sure that ovens, toasters and other electrical equipment automatically turn off, reducing the risk of fire. Your home security could even extend to your vehicles, tracking the location of your car and alerting you in the event of unauthorized access or tampering.

In many ways, the Internet of Things is already operating in society. Protect America’s line of home security packages uses a smartphone application that allows you to control the entire system with a single touch. You can arm, disarm or view the status of your system in real time, control lights and other appliances from your phone or computer and link to video surveillance of your home.

Cover photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.