What is Home Security Lighting?

Home security lighting is the use of lights as part of your home defense. Home security accessories such as motion detectors and timers can greatly improve the security of a home by increasing visibility at night.

Home Security Lighting: Brightness, Power, and Luminosity

The best home security lighting schemes place a lamp of the appropriate power in areas that have little light and aren’t used too frequently. When selecting a specific model light, make sure not to purchase anything that shines greater than 800 lumens. (To the unaware, a lumen is a measure of visible light’s intensity and brightness.) Above that power, security lights simply become blinding and potentially harmful to neighbors.

Home Security Lighting Techniques

There are a number of different methods for using home security lighting to your advantage. Some homeowners, especially in rural areas, feel more comfortable with a constant lighting scheme that keeps lights on throughout the night. Most of the time, the best solution is some combination of constant lighting and timed or motion activated lighting.

Constant Home Security Lighting

Home security lighting that utilizes a constant lighting scheme need to account for local ordinances and neighbors. Shining a light directly into your neighbors’ bedroom is only going cause problems and potentially threaten the overall security of your home. Some lighting schemes can even get homeowners in trouble with local police or homeowners associations. If neighbors complain to the police too frequently, you’ll probably be “asked” to take down the lights.

In many neighborhoods, street lights can provide sufficient ambient light for home security purposes. However, many homeowners feel more secure when they have floodlighting or halogen lamps installed in poorly lit areas. Simply keeping porch lights on during the evening is also a simple solution for constant security lighting.

Timed Home Security Lighting

There are plenty of devices available that turn lights off and on at set times. The X-10 Lamp module from Protect America allows homeowners to program plug in lights. Home automation devices like the X10 are great solutions for outdoor illumination. Wireless home alarm systems are designed to seamlessly integrate accessories like home automation and timing devices. Some home security companies that offer wired systems do provide timing options for hardwired lights but these options can be incredibly expensive to implement.

Motion Activated Home Security Lighting

Motion activated lights are exactly what they sound like. Different models of motion activated lights will have varying degrees of sensitivity but, in general, most lights are only activated by bodies larger than 75 pounds. Many motion activation devices use thermal detection to determine whether or not someone is present. Motion activated lights that use actual motion are much easier to activate and can turn on by relatively small animals.