Smartphone apps are the new rage in automation.  Home security monitoring is no different. The next-step of automation comes from a diverse range of phone apps to watch over a house and family no matter where they are. works with more security services than Guardian Security. Many companies use the smartphone app because of how well it works with most security systems. 

The smartphone app works in tandem with smart devices, including voice-controlled automation.  The variety that the smartphone app offers makes it a favorite among many home security system companies.

“One of the coolest integrations we saw [at the Apple Watch keynote event] was all the stuff you can control through using the watch. Security cameras, lights, locks, doors. Just a few taps and                  you can keep tabs…from anywhere.”  – Wired


  • 24/7 quick alerts
  • Control over who comes and goes from the home
  • 24/7 video monitoring
  • Energy management for cost and care for the environment


Ring Skybell’s Doorbell

An automated camera connected to a doorbell not only alerts the homeowner who is wanting inside but also keeps them from missing a visitor or a package drop-off.

The Skybell app is one of the best-rated security apps on the market. The video doorbell shoots video and sends it the smartphone for review. 


  • No need for an existing doorbell
  • Alert & video feed when someone is at the door
  • The ability to customize who comes and goes from the home
  • Weatherproof
  • Backup battery

A View of Broview

Everyone wants a smartphone app that is easy on the eyes. But, Broview is basic in its design for easy use, but it often looks like those created during the first evolution of home security monitoring apps.

The interface’s creation date is 2014. Broview continues to remain one of the most utilized smartphone apps in terms of security. A tremendous upside is a compatibility it has with most camera systems.


  • Remote viewing and photographing
  • Two-way audio
  • Playback – Real-time and remotely

Cameras attached to smart doorbells trigger and the homeowner is not always at home. is a smartphone app that provides a family with a view from their front door.

The easiness of installation and compatibility makes it a highly used smartphone app so no one misses a visitor drop-off, again. The detection zone gives a broad view of what is happening at the front or back door.

By looking past the few issues and bugs, the positive feedback provided about the use of means it is a one of a kind home monitoring app.


  • Real-time alerts from even the neighbors
  • Two-way audio
  • Range in sizes and shapes
  • Control floodlighting and video recording


Nest – Likely Suspect for Favorite

The Nest app may be expensive, but there is a reason they are considered the best. The single smartphone app has the capacity to control most automated devices a home has, for example, thermostat and the smart cameras that keep a watchful eye.


  • Data that gives an idea of what is coming and going and what times
  • Unique password for each user
  • Works with automated thermostat – saving money when no one is at home
  • Remote video, photography, and two-way audio

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