We all know that moving to a new home can be a massive ordeal. There’s just so much to consider. Between making sure that all of your mail is forwarded to the correct address, having all of your utilities transferred to your new residence and actually physically moving all of your belongings out of your old house, you aren’t left with a lot of spare time. Nonetheless, it’s immensely important that you make sure to establish a firm security presence as soon as you arrive at your new place. This is of particular importance considering the vulnerability to intrusion and burglary that moving from one home to another can cause. Though securing your new home can seem like a giant undertaking, knocking out these three steps first will ensure that you’re safe and secure.

Points of entry

The first thing that you should do upon arriving at your new residence is ensure that any and all points of entry to your house are secure. You should begin this process by changing all of the locks to the exterior doors. Though we’re sure that the people you purchased your home from are completely trustworthy people, it’s impossible to know who or how many individuals they gave a key to. This is of particular importance if you’re moving into a new apartment, as you have no way of being aware of how many tenants have lived there since the leasing agency last changed the locks. If your home has gates to the backyard or external doors to a garage, basement or cellar, then you’ll want to ensure that you change these locks, as well.

Protecting your identity

Moving your entire life from one home to the next puts you at a particular risk for identity theft. Consider how much personal information you receive in the mail every month: credit card bills, utility account bills, bank statements, tax forms…you want to be absolutely positive that none of that information falls into the wrong hands. That said, begin having all of your mail forwarded to your new address shortly before your move. Make sure that you contact all appropriate companies, utility providers and government agencies. If you have our paycheck mailed to you, you’ll want to register the change of address with your employer, as well. Try this handy change-of-address checklist to make sure you’re covered.

Consider the differences in space

No two homes are the same in their respective requirements for a strong home security presence. Before you move into your new residence, take a walkthrough of the property to gain an understanding of exactly what it’s weak points are in terms of security. Once you’ve done this, you should be much more mentally equipped to make smart and effective home security purchases. Whether it’s outfitting your new home with video surveillance cameras or installing glass break detectors in rooms with large windows, Protect America can help you prepare for anything with our line of impressive and affordable products.