In the world of home security, there are new products and services emerging on the market continuously. Not all new products and services are alike, however, but these options are definitely worth considering. These trends are the latest and greatest options available for 2018 to help protect your home and family. You can consider incorporating them into your home security set up or build a home security system around them. They may the just the right addition you have been looking for to give you that extra layer of protection.


Burglary is a serious crime that has the potential to affect its victims in a number of ways, including financially, emotionally and physically.

Voice Control

Even home security systems are beginning to integrate voice control options. For example, Apple’s Siri is not able to link to your home security system to give you voice control options. There are, however, still some points of interest that prevent it from linking software, but in time, expect to see advancements and other companies such as Google and Alexa joining in on the home security voice control trend. In fact, there are rumors of other emerging features for home security that may debut Alexa in the coming months.

Control Appliances In The Home

One of the hottest trends in home security features right now is the ability to control a variety of home appliances through your integrated phone app. Controlling appliances such as the:

  • Air conditioner
  • Refrigerator
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer

This feature allows you to execute actions from a remote location without having to stop what you are doing to walk to the appliance and control it manually. This time-saving feature is sure to become a staple in home security integration systems.

Aura Motion Sensors

The newest trend in motion detection within the home is different than infrared sensor technology. It uses the wireless signals used to operate the home security system. It detects any disturbances in the signals which alert the homeowner or monitoring service to any activity in the home. Although this technology isn’t widely available yet, look for it to become a regular feature in many of the top home security system providers across the country.


These forward-thinking trends in home security are expected to become available to a wide range of consumers in the coming years. One of the best ways to protect your family, however, is to use a monitored home security system. A contract service such as Protect America can give you all of the latest options and keep you alerted to any changes 24/7. Their customer service is also another reason that they stand out from the rest of the home security monitoring services.

They take protecting your home and family seriously and are there to lend assistance anytime you need it. Whether its installation assistance or alerting you and the proper authorities to a break in, you can count on them to take action.

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