Home security systems come with a lot of different features but few compare to how important an emergency panic alarm is. A panic alarm is the a feature that most home security systems have. Knowing when to use this feature is key to your safety and can truly save your life.


Panic Alarm Buttons on Your Security System

The Simon XT home security system features three panic alarm buttons directly on the base of the system. Near the keypad you will see three buttons together on the left side of the panel aligned vertically. Each one has an unique icon that represents what it is for.

Medical Panic

The first icon is a cross or “plus” sign that is for a medical emergency situation. Typically you would press this button if someone is in a medical need or injured. All you have to do is press and hold it down for at least 3 seconds or press it multiple times and the alarm will sound, or not sound if you have the siren turned off on panic alarms.

Police Panic

The second icon is a badge that stands for the authorities or police. You press this button if you need the police department. You would press this during a break, altercation or if you just simply need help from the police.

Fire Panic

The third button is for the fire department. You press this button if you have time in the event of a fire. Fires are very dangerous. Only attempt to press this button if you have access to the alarm panel during the fire. Once you press it a few times or hold it down for a few seconds, the fire department will automatically be dispatched.

Panic Alarm Accessories

Protect America also offers home security accessories that features panic alarm capabilities just as your home security panel. Each accessories is typically used the same to send a distress or panic signal.

To send a panic signal from a keychain remote, you can press and hold down the lock and unlock simultaneously. You must be within at least a 100 foot distance of your alarm system to use this feature properly.

You can also send a panic from a two-way touchpad by pressing the star button, or from a touchscreen toupad by pressing the red panic button on the screen.

Protect America also offers a “panic button“, which simply features a lock and unlock button. To send a signal from it, all you do is press both buttons on it.

Last but no least, there also is a “mini-pinpad” where you press the buttons that read “stay” and “away” at the same time to send a signal.

Medical Panic Alarms

Medical panic alarms come in two different formats. One is a medical panic pendant. It hangs around your neck like a necklace and features one button. Press this button while near your alarm system and send the emergency authorities directly to your home by doing so.


The second format, is in a watch. You receive a panic button that sits on a wrist watch from Protect America. You can wear this comfortably anytime. While you’re sleeping or in the shower, you can press this button if you need help.

Medical panic alarms are perfect for elderly, disabled, or people who actually may need help at any given time. It’s protection for when you least expect it.

Remember to use all these features responsibly. Often times there are fees associated with sending a false alarm or have the authorities sent out to your home if its a false alarm. But if you truly need to press any of these buttons at any time, they can really be a life-saver.

Don’t be scared to use them, and remember that these features are here for your safety. We hope this helps you understand that you have the capabilities to really make your home safer. Protect yourself with Protect America.

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