Protect America offers a variety of home security products. These products range from a normal alarm security system to interactive cameras, and mobile applications to control your alarm system.

Protect America offers the best in home security and the great part is that everything comes with a 100% lifetime warranty. You get everything warrantied for as long as you are a Protect America customer.


Products Protect America Home Security Offers

New Alarm System

Protect America offers a new Simon XT alarm panel with any type of monitoring you go with. The Simon XT is smaller in size and comes with a blue LED lit up screen with lit up keypad. The system is a sleek white color, that comes with a table top bracket on the back to lay vertically on a table top or you can mount the alarm system on the wall. Take a look at the Simon XT Security Panel here.

Existing Alarm System

Protect America will monitor your existing alarm system. If you already have an alarm system that is wired into your home, save all the time from installing a new one and monitor your current system. Check with our tech team to see if this is something we can do. Most of the time we do not have any trouble monitoring your alarm system.

Simon XT Touchscreen Keypad

Have you seen the new Simon XT Touchscreen Keypad? The new touchscreen allows you to arm and disarm your system from a different location in your home. You can place this keypad in your bedroom, office, garage, or wherever is convenient for you. Some times people like to hide the main alarm panel and let the touch screen be the main source of control since it’s wireless. The touchscreen also has a built in siren that amplify’s the alarm.

Home Security Accessories

Simon XT Touchscreen

The Simon XT Touchscreen is a great accessory to have for your alarm system, not only because of its convenience but because of the features it has, like a built in siren and and the interactive features such as showing you if you have a window or door open.

Talking Wireless Keypad

The Talking Wireless Keypad is a great product that operates very similar to the touchscreen. The difference is that the keypad does not have a screen or doesn’t look as nice aesthetically. This actually runs completely off battery so this may be what you’re looking for.

Alarm Keychain Remote

We also offer a Keychain Remote Control. This keychain allows you to arm and disarm your system from about 100 feet away. The keychain also referred to as a “keyfob”, allows you to also send an emergency signal when you press and hold down the lock and the unlock button down at the same time. The alarm will ring off and the monitoring stating will then receive an emergency signal to call the police.

Secret Hidden Keypad

A wireless secret keypad can be provided for your home to place in strategic areas that only you know where they will be located. These wireless secret keypads allow you to arm, disarm, and send a panic signal from you alarm panel. They are slim, almost the size of a light switch cover and easy to place in conspicuous places for emergency use; or simply for convenience.

Medical Panic Button

Medical panic buttons are also great for alarming the proper authorities immediately if you have an emergency. The medical panic buttons come either as a necklace or you can get the wrist watch panic for a more comfortable wear if you’re going to wear it while sleeping. Make sure to ask your security rep about this item at no additional cost monthly!

Solar Yard Sign

You can get a free solar yard sign when signing up for Protect America. Ask your sales representative how you can get yours! Let people know your home is secured!


Security and Safety Sensors

Protect America offers a variety of different security sensors that alarm you when someone has broken in or even if there is a fire or flood. These sensors are for your security and safety of your home.

Door and Window Sensors

You can get sensors for your doors or windows that are tripped when opened if your alarm system is on. These sensors are called micro sensors or entry point sensors, and are connected by magnetism. When the sensors are separated, this causes an alarm.

Motion Detectors

Protect America also offers motion detectors. These motion detectors are pet immune, to up to about 40lbs in pet weight, and are infrared. The motion detector powers an infrared motion frame for the alarm system, and when triggered, the alarm goes off. Make sure you consult your security provider on how high to place these and which are would be best.

Overhead Garage Door Sensor

Have you ever thought if you could put a sensor on your overhead garage door?! Well now you can. Protect America offers an overhead garage door sensor. This is a “tilt sensor”, which basically means that the alarm will go off if the door is tilted while the security system is armed. It’s a great sensor to have. A lot of people who have a detached garage like this product.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke  detectors are one of the most important sensors we offer. This sensor can potentially be life-saving or can literally save your home. The smoke detectors we offer are no ordinary smoke detectors in a sense that you cannot purchase these at your local store. These are photo-electric smoke detectors which are sensitive to real smoke from fires and will automatically alarm the proper authorities in a fire situation. Ask your sales or service rep how to get these for your home. Protect your home and family from fire by adding monitored smoke detectors to your security system. Monitored smoke detectors can identity smoke or rapidly rising temperatures 24 hours a day whether you’re home or not. Even if your security system is disarmed, our monitoring facility notifies your local fire department if there is a fire.

Glass Break Sensors

We also offer Glass Break Sensors. This sensor is specially designed using pattern recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass within a 20-foot radius. Use this sensor around easily accessible windows or glass doors that could be shattered to gain entry into your home.

Freeze Sensors

Do you live in a colder area? Or do you experience cold weather frequently? We offer freeze sensors that alerts the monitoring center when the temperature in your home drops below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for homes located in a cold climate. Special order item, shipped separately, please allow extra time to arrive.

Flood Sensors

Flood Sensor? Placed in a basement or in any area of your home at risk of flooding. Provides notice of early stages of a flooding problem to help avoid costly damage. Special order item, shipped separately, please allow extra time to arrive.

If you are interested in home security with all of the premier products and alarm accessories, contact ProtectAmerica today. Learn more about our security equipment and to begin creating the home security solution you and your family need today. Build a home security system that fits your needs.