Protect America offers full home security protection. Whether you are looking for home security monitoring that will arm you doors and windows, or maybe looking for an interactive approach like security cameras. Protect America offers a wide variety of home security devices.

Home Security Recommendations

Protect your home strategically while protecting your pockets. Protect America offers the perfect home security for anyone. Whether you are a family, senior citizen, or event a college student, we offer great equipment at an affordable price.

1. Count your doors and windows.

If you are able to reach a door or window from the outside, then you definitely want a sensor on it. Even if you think it’s a close call, burglars will stop at nothing once they’ve made their mind up to rob your home.

2. Do you have glass windows?

Big enough for burglars to break and crawl through. Now a days unfortunately burglars are not as dumb as we’d like them to be and will actually break your window and crawl through. We have actually designed a glass break sensor that will trigger when it hear the sound of glass breaking. Protect America offers this at not extra charge monthly. Sign up and find out how you can get glass break protection.

3. Always have smoke/fire detectors.

Smoke detectors are essential to every home. Now I’m not talking about the ten dollar cheap ones from home depot.. Most of the time these are the kind your home has even if it’s a new home. Protect America offers photo-electric smoke detectors that detect smoke a lot better.

4. Motion detectors and environmental sensors are essential to every home security system.

Flood sensors are great for people who have flooding. Don’t wake up deep in a mess. Catch flooding before it destroys your property.

5. Protect America offers a variety of accessories.

You can get keychains, remotes, and touchpads with your service that allow you to arm and disarm the system remotely. Find out which one is best for you, and why having more than one can benefit your family.

6. Do you need home surveillance?

Protect America can provide cameras if you want to catch a burglar red handed. Monitor and watch your cameras from your smart phone or computer.

To find out more about these products or to get a free security quote, fill out the form on the right and a knowledgeable Protect America rep will contact you immediately. Don’t wait to be secure, get home security today at an affordable price.