Becoming a homeowner can be a delightful thing, but it is also a moment that creates a whole new array of responsibilities. As a homeowner, people are charged with not only maintaining their property but also protecting all of the people and things inside of their buildings. From cherished loved ones to valuable property, keeping everything safe can feel like a tremendous burden.


With that being said, home security systems have become so accessible and affordable that now homeowners have a number of different solutions available to them in order to allay any potential concerns. Let’s dig through some important information pertaining to home security.

Accessible At Home Security For Your Property

Despite the fact that home security systems are more affordable than ever, roughly only 17% of homeowners possess a security system on their property. With such a low rate of homes being secured by a security system, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn the stark reality behind property crime in America.

According to a report compiled by the FBI, there were over 7.9 million property crimes throughout the United States in 2016. While this report showcases a slight drop in burglaries since their last report, the numbers still work out to an eye-popping 4,800 break-ins per day. With property crime so rampant, it never hurts to start thinking about security.

Despite the prevalence of property crime and burglary throughout the United States, home security systems are already showing a dramatic effect in terms of how they impact the prevalence of crime. According to a report released through the University of North Carolina, 60% of convicted burglars admitted to avoiding homes with security systems installed. That’s a pretty big number and reason enough to consider adding a security system.

Simply knowing that security systems can have a dramatic and positive impact is simply not enough. Homeowners interested in deterring potential criminals need to know how to equip their home with the proper security systems. Let’s shift our discussion toward the proper steps that will lead you to a safe and secure home.

Selecting The Right Home Security System For Your Home

When looking into home security systems there is the potential to be overwhelmed almost immediately. While there is a ton of information available regarding at home security systems, more attention needs to be paid toward tailoring their fit for the specific needs of the homeowner. In order to properly do this, let’s ask and answer a few basic questions.

  1. How big is my home?
  2. Do I want my security system to be professionally monitored?
  3. How will my security system connect to a network? Bluetooth? WiFi? Mobile data?
  4. Do I want my security system to cover both the interior and exterior of my home?

Using the questions we listed above, homeowners can start to get a clear picture of their specific needs. There are security companies out there, large and small, that can cater to the specific needs of every homeowner. Today, we are going to focus on the impact that the security company Protect America can have. Protect America is one of the premier home security companies in the world, and for good reason.


Secure Your Home Today With Protect America

At Protect America, the goal is to provide affordable home security that is as effective as it is reliable. Protect America offers a wide variety of different security packages that all have one thing in common: no installation fees, ever. While the different Protect America security packages vary in terms of what they actually offer, they are all professionally monitored by a security team that has won the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award nine different times. Security packages start as low as $30/month and estimates are free, so call today.