Are you a renter looking for a security solution? Renters have just as many possessions to protect as homeowners, yet their options are often far more limited. Security solutions often have to be installed by making physical changes in a property, which a landlord may not be fond of. That being said, there are some systems that don’t require any changes to be made to the property. Here’s what you need to know.


What Makes a Good System for Renters?

An alarm system is a little more difficult for renters to get installed since the property is not theirs, but it is not completely impossible.

A good system for renters doesn’t require any invasive types of installation. Nothing has to be drilled and the entire system can be easily moved. Further, there shouldn’t be any charges assessed for moving services from one place to another, as renters frequently need to move. Renters may also want a completely wireless system and a system that can communicate over WiFi or cellular signal.

What Systems Are Best for Renters?

Nest Secure

Nest Secure is a WiFi system that simply needs to be mounted to walls as needed. Nest Secure is a little expensive with a monitoring price of $24.99 to $34.99, but it does attach to a variety of other smart home technologies, such as the Nest Protect, which is a smart fire alarm. Nest Secure can be controlled directly through an app, there’s only one downside; the 24 hour monitoring system constantly feeds video to the Internet, which can max out some caps.

Protect America

Protect America stands out from the crowd with their $0.00 up-front cost and plans ranging from $19.99 to $42.99 per month. And with their easy to install wireless security technology, they provide perfect security for anyone renting their home. Their 24/7 monitoring also exceeds expectations and customers have a trio of options – landline, cellular and broadband – when it comes to connecting to the monitoring station.


Simplisafe is a no contract solution that comes in a DIY kit. The package has a base station, wireless keypad, keychain remote,and entry sensors. This is about half the cost of traditional systems; a Vivint system approaches $600 whereas the Simplisafe system is around $250. Monitoring systems are optional and affordable, with a $14.99 charge for standard monitoring.


A Kickstarted system, Abode is designed by a former ADT executive. Its kit contains a hub, entry sensors, a motion detector, and a key fob, all for $399. This program is unique in that it has on-demand monitoring. You don’t have to pay for monitoring all the time. Instead, you can simply contact them when you’re going to be out of town or when you’re particularly interested in security. Full time professional monitoring is a little more expensive at a monthly price of $30.


Frontpoint has advanced security technology including glass break detectors, but it also has one of the more expensive monitoring services at $34.99. On the other hand, Frontpoint offers its kit at a discounted rate of $99 for those who are interested in its monitoring service, which can make sense for those who want to install a monitoring service now but don’t want to have to pay for a lot upfront.


Scout is a cost-effective solution with some sleek, attractive equipment. It is $285 for the kit, but the kit is also only a hub, door panel, and three entry sensors. Monitoring is $9.99 a month, which is one of the cheapest monitoring solutions available.

Home Security For Renters

Are There Other Alternatives for Renters?

Remember: you can’t make changes to your home unless you have permission. There are many landlords who may actually be fine with the installation of a home security system; after all, they may be able to use the equipment after you leave. Some of them may even be willing to pay you for the equipment after you leave.

Before you decide that you can’t have a security solution or that you’re limited in the security solutions that you choose, you should consult with your landlord and ask them. Though there are many renter friendly security solutions available, most of them aren’t quite as durable or reliable as a traditional home security system. If you want an attractive system that’s wired throughout the home, you may need to run some wires and change the appearance of the property.

Are you a renter trying to figure out which solution is best for you? Protect America has a wide variety of solutions, ranging from wired solutions to completely wireless. Contact Protect America to start your security search today.