Statistics released by the Department of Justice indicate that senior citizens tend to experience lower crime rates than younger people in their day to day life. Unfortunately, those same statistics show that, when and if senior citizens do fall victim to crime, there is a 92 percent chance that it will occur in or near their homes. This is somewhat understandable as many seniors are retired or may have some level of mobility issue, leaving them at home more often than their younger counterparts. Still, we need not accept that the home be an unsafe place for our parents and grandparents. Read on to learn about three ways using home security systems can offer you peace of mind when looking after the senior in your life.

1) An extra set of eyes

As stated prior, many senior citizens are retired and out of the workforce. This means, in addition to spending more time at home than most people, they also have a somewhat heightened capacity for travel. During the time that they’re gone, however, they run the risk of leaving their home unattended. By outfitting their homes with video surveillance cameras, you offer both them and yourself the capacity to monitor their space remotely via our Smart Connect App to ensure that nothing is wrong while they’re away. Also, with full WiFi connectivity, there’s no need to worry about an over complicated installation process or a disruption of the home.

2) Health monitoring

One of the greatest fears associated with senior citizens is that they will encounter a medical emergency and be unable to contact the proper authorities or individuals for help. This worry can cause us to think it best that that they enter some sort of assisted living community, but this greatly undercuts their autonomy and independence. Luckily, our medical panic pendant or watch offers a simple compromise. Seniors can wear one of these objects and use the button on it to alert medical authorities if they are ever in a dangerous or compromising situation. This equipment can provide calmness for both seniors and their children while allowing them to maintain their lifestyle. Completely waterproof and very discreet, these emergency products offer a great service without getting in the way of daily life.

3) Always looking out

Monitored home security services can offer protection against more than just a break-in. Our monitored smoke alarms can detect both smoke and rising temperatures within your house, and will notify the local fire department even if your alarm system is currently disarmed. In addition to this, we offer carbon monoxide alarms that send warning signals out to both you (via noise) and Protect America as soon as the odorless, colorless gas is detected. Be sure to protect the senior in your life against potential threats inside their own home by installing these.