It was Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google USA, who said,

New developments in machine intelligence will make us far far smarter as a result, for everyone on the planet.

This applies to all forms of technology in the world. Protect America already covered what security cameras will be like in the future in their blog post, What Will Home Security Cameras Be Like in the Future? But what about the rest of home security service? Just like the rest of technology, it has to grow and evolve to be at it very best. As thieves find ways to outsmart the system, the creators work to fill this loop holes. What does the future of home security service look like? Here are three suggestions to make home security much stronger:

  • Automation
  • Drones and yard detection
  • Instant connectivity


Almost everything is automated these days. Automation is not new to the world of technology. It has just been improving as the years go on. What does automation have to offer to the human race? Fresh Home lists the ten benefits of automating the home. One benefit listed is increased awareness through security cameras. In the real world, everyone cannot be everywhere at once. Thanks to technology, the worry of home and possessions has been lifted. People can watch their houses from their smart phones, tablets, computers, and other devices. But what happens when these devices are dead or left behind? Humans can turn to devices to help them remember. Maybe in the future, the devices can tell people not to forget them. The same can go to these devices telling people not to forget turning them on before they leave the house. If automation continues to evolve, a home security system could turn itself on after the closing of a door or when it can sense the home owner leaving. More benefits of automation are saving time, adding peace of mind, keeps tabs on the children, and saves money. But, what if the neighborhood watch could be automated as well? IFSEC Global suggests that the next step in home security service is having alarm systems being able to talk to other systems in the neighborhood. The system would go like this,

If ever a suspicious person were to enter the neighborhood, the program will immediately alert all the other homes and will collectively begin gathering important data.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Now, it might take a village to protect everyone’s houses.

Drones and Yard Detection

Drones do not have a good reputation in the news. Creators are working hard to change that for the better. What if the first line of defense does not have to be the front door itself? Home security service is starting to turn to stopping burglars before they set foot on your front lawn. The fence can now be a new security device. Polymer-coated fences are becoming a thing to more and more home owners in this modern world. They are already used on farms with horses. But, people behind home security technology are seeing these type of fences as useful tools to help make home owners feel much safer. Think of how many thieves can be stopped just by approaching the fence. IFSEC Global also suggests home owners using low-flying drones and chemical-marking yard sprayers to cover the front and back yards. Said yard sprayers use hard to remove ink for when someone tries to trespass on private property.

Instant Connectivity

People can be forgetful creatures. They can be distracted or it would just slip their minds. Turning on or updating the home security system can be no different. Why if the system could turn on and update itself. More and more home security services are becoming automated to the point that the only things that home owners have to do is install everything and set it up for the first time. Alerts can be sent to smart phones while the home owners are out running errands. When it is time to update, it could download the program that it needs and update itself. Same can go for virus scans and detecting hackers.

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