There are 2,000,000 reported home burglaries in the USA each year.

Avoid being a statistic by taking concrete steps to protect home, property, and family. One of those steps is to use home security signs properly. Does signage declaring the presence a home security system help to deter crime? Here are three things you should know about utilizing security warning signs most effectively.


Read the Warning Signs

Like all warnings, a home security sign works best when it is clearly understood. Make sure that your security sign is plainly readable. Place signs in the front and or backyard in a location with good visibility. Ensure that the sign is not obscured by trees, shrubbery, lawn furniture or ornaments, or other elements that may obscure it. The best spots are the most visible and the most logical, so don’t place the sign on a seldom used side entrance. Consider anchoring the sign to a well-set and prominent structure, such as a gate or fence, to help it withstand wind and rain damage, and to make an impression that this home is monitored by a home security surveillance system.

Keep It Real

We have all seen security signs that cover a variety of warnings that can range from generic postings of “Under Surveillance” “No Trespassing” and logos of authentic security firms. Are planting one of these signs in your yard a good idea, and more to the point, do they help to deter criminals? If the villain is easily discouraged, they might. However, most burglars are probably not the wilting wildflower types. Moreover, they often have the experience to know about fake signage that can be scored on e-bay.

Therefore, the best and most clever response is to display a generic warning sign in a prominent spot if the house is truly protected by a security system. A sign that states that the house is protected and yet does not state the brand of the security system or the company name helps to both warn and to maintain that edge of a surprise against the enterprising bandit. If the house does not have a security system in place, don’t put a generic or copyright-infringing fake on the lawn because you are inviting trouble if the thieves call that particular bluff.


Reap the Rewards of Using a Sign with Real Authority Behind It

Insurance companies understand the importance of a monitored home security surveillance system, and many insurance companies will give homeowners substantial savings for installing one. While having a home security system will score you that generous savings, there is a big difference between an unmonitored system or stand-alone cameras and a monitored home security system that will alert first responders automatically in case of a crisis. An unmonitored system will send you an alert, but since most break-ins occur during the day when people are at work and school, the homeowner may not be able to respond to an emergency, such as a fire or burglary promptly.

A monitored security system alerts first responders automatically in case of a crisis. Homeowners generally earn greater discounts for monitored over unmonitored security systems because insurance companies understand that the former is a superior system in deterring robberies, and insurance savings can reach as high as 20 percent. Insurance providers know that simply setting up a mock security sign is not a deterrent without a system to back it and they do not offer generous savings for simply sticking one in the yard.

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