Advancements in technology have perhaps impacted no industry greater than that of home security.  The results are systems that are more sophisticated and cost effective. That is the case with intruder detection systems that use short message service (SMS) technology.  In these systems, sensors detect temperature and motion in a living space, and a message about the incident is sent to a person’s smartphone.


The powerful system uses a simple design that can be developed in theory by electronics enthusiasts from a few off-the-shelf components. However, SMS-based systems that have the most user-friendly features are those that are developed by leading home security firms.  Here are some of the main features of SMS intrusion detection systems and how they work.

Fast Communication About Potential Security Issues

Home invasions can go down fast, and an SMS-based alarm system can help.  According to security analyst Alexia Chianis at SafeWise,

“Criminals can rob a home within 10 minutes.”

An SMS home defense system commonly consists of passive infrared (PIR) detectors, glass break detectors and door and window motion sensors.  The PIR sensors detect temperature changes that are caused when anything living accesses a space.

When an intruder triggers a home’s PIR detector or motion sensors, a homeowner can receive a message about it on their phone in real time via a security application.  The homeowner can use the information to notify a homebound loved one to avoid the house for safety reasons or request assistance from law enforcement.

Some SMS Alerts Can Be Sent Without Internet Access

SMS home security applications are designed to work with the most popular smartphone operating systems. Many people keep their phones on continually and pay for internet access through their network service providers.  For some SMS alerts, a temporary loss of internet access doesn’t mean that a homeowner is disconnected from their home’s security system.  The text message can be sent over the service provider’s SMS network. The technology for offline texting is used by the following platforms:

  • Bridgefy
  • Firechat
  • Hike

Smartphones are important tools that most people use to stay connected to their family members and friends. They are also the main instruments of communication during hazardous situations. Having the ability to receive SMS without the need for internet access makes home security systems more versatile and user friendly.

Used in Tandem With Other Smart Home Security Instruments

Staying connected through the internet of things (IoT) is a growing trend in business environments, and it has the potential to totally transform the home security industry.  Currently, SMS-based technologies can integrate with other home security equipment to offer a comprehensive home defense system. Once a homeowner receives a text message about a possible home intrusion, they can access strategically placed cameras in the home through a phone-based application.

Surveillance cameras can capture video of the intruder that can be used to find criminals later. The future of SMS-based smart home security with IoT connections promises faster messaging to law enforcement and a wider reach for criminal capture.


Best Way to Use SMS Security Technology

Although inexpensive cameras and sensors have energized the do-it-yourself (DIY) home security market, the best way to use an SMS-based intrusion detection system is with a monitored security system such as one that is offered by Protect America.  Protect America offers 24-hour security monitoring that is staffed by trained professionals.

Security monitoring centers have special connections with local police departments that most individuals don’t have. Calls from Protect America’s security monitoring center result in faster response times from law enforcement agents.  A text message is a nice feature that gives homeowners real-time information, but it doesn’t eliminate the need for a professional, 24-hour monitoring service.

Protect America’s home security packages include fixed monthly rates, free system setup and about $1,400 worth of free security equipment.  The company has won industry awards for its products and services, and it aims to be the best-value home security solution through its price-match guarantee.  For a comprehensive home security solution, contact Protect America today for a free quote.