Home security, like all other aspects of life, has been deeply changed by the influence of social media. It’s inescapable; honestly, the odds are decent that you followed a link to this page while browsing a social media platform. Given the ubiquitous nature of this trend, we need to adapt our behavior accordingly across all spheres. It may seem like this wouldn’t apply to the world of home security, but it very much does. Read on to learn a bit about the ways in which the rise of the digital age has changed our interaction with home security, and how we must adapt in light of it.

Making travel plans

For better or for worse, social media has become the medium through which many of us choose to display our lives. Though there’s certainly some good to be taken from this, it also means that we’re intentionally making our daily actions more public than ever before. This includes our travel plans. One of the first things that many people do when they leave for vacation is gloat about it lightly on Facebook. Doing so, however, could serve a far more negative purpose than you intend. By posting about your vacation, you’re letting an immensely vast network of people know that your home may be unoccupied for a specific period of time. All it takes is one undesired person getting a hold of that information to raise the potential for negative repercussions. Don’t put yourself at risk; don’t post your travel plans on social media.

Cellular phones

Before social media was the most dominant feature of the ever-expanding digital age, cell phones were the biggest and newest thing. Of course, not long after the birth of social media​, the two were joined, giving all smartphone users access to their social media pages across mobile devices. The rise of personal service applications on cell phones followed shortly thereafter. With Protect Americas Smart Connect service, which is included with either our cellular or broadband monitoring system, you have the power to arm, disarm or view your system status from anywhere. You can even receive a live feed of your surveillance camera from anywhere while you’re on your phone.

The brighter side of social media

Believe it or not, people trying to protect their home and their space aren’t the only ones who need to be careful when it comes to their social media accounts. In fact, a 26-year-old man in Minnesota, Nicholas Wig, was arrested for burglarizing a home while it’s occupant was away after he logged onto his Facebook profile from the occupants computer and forgot to log out. Of course, this sort of incident is rare, but social media has been used more and more frequently in the spreading of information regarding crime and crime prevention. In the Digital Age we must be diligent about using social media without compromising our own security.