Anyone who doesn’t see the practical application of a home security system should take note of this story out of Indianapolis. On July 30, police arrested a man who they say committed a robbery a week earlier. Specifically, the man is accused of stealing a pair of earrings valued at around $300 from a package on the front porch of a home. Luckily, home security equipment and social media aided in bringing the case to a quick close.

The robbery

Brandon Nelms, a 21-year old Indianapolis man, was taken into custody on Wednesday night at around eight in the evening, accused of stealing from a package left on the porch of Daniel Dillon. Dillon, who had installed a do-it-yourself home security system a few years prior, has cameras covering each entrance and exit to his home. Upon arriving home to find that his package was not waiting for him as he had anticipated, he called the local authorities and reported the theft of the earrings. Shortly thereafter, Dillon decided to check the security footage from his home surveillance cameras.

The video

Upon checking his footage, Dillon found video of a man (believed to be Nelms), walking up to the porch and opening the package. Upon finding the earrings within the shipping box, the man shown in the recording looks directly into the camera before walking back to his car. Dillon posted the video to his Facebook page before he went to bed on Tuesday. Amazingly, the video has been shared more than 8,500 times in a matter of a few days. Dillon received an overwhelming response from other Facebook users, including some individuals who claimed to be friends with Nelms and indicated that he had stolen from them in the past, as well.

The arrest

Dillon turned the video footage over to the Indianapolis police, which enabled them to gain a description of Nelms and his vehicle. Shortly after notifying officers to keep a look out for Nelms as a robbery suspect, a patrol officer out on duty spotted a man in an alley matching the description. After being brought in for questioning, Nelms was arrested and sent to an Arrestee Processing Center for booking around eight in the evening on Wednesday, July 30.

Dillon indicated in an interview with the Indianapolis Star that he’s thrilled with the way his home security system was able to resolve this issue for him.

“I was really surprised when I saw the video and how well it turned out,” Dillon told the source. “I could not have been happier.”