The garage is one of the easiest areas of the home to overlook when installing or adding to an existing home security system. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as garages are, to some degree, usually something of an afterthought. They’re typically areas of the home reserved for old belongings no longer in use, so it’s understandable that we don’t dedicate a very large amount of time considering them in any aspect of life, let alone home security. Unfortunately, having a neglected or under-protected garage can pose a serious threat to the strength of your residence’s home security. No need for worry, though. Simply check out these suggestions and solutions from Protect America to determine how to keep your garage as safe as the rest of your home.

Consider the contents

The level of security that you’ll want to establish for your garage will be largely dependent upon what you’re keeping inside of it. If you use your garage as storage for any sort of valuables, then you’ll want to ensure that the security presence surrounding the structure is strong. Of course, the single most valuable thing that you’ll be keeping in your garage (in all likelihood, anyway) is your vehicle or vehicles. Guarantee the protection of your car(s) and anything else that you’re storing by making sure to keep doors and windows locked at all times. For added protection, consider outfitting your garage door with this sensor, which will alert your Simon XT Control Panel in the event that the door is opened or broken.

Entry points

As we’ve already detailed, it’s important to consider the contents of your garage when determining home security solutions for the structure. Perhaps even more important than what you’re protecting, though, is who you’re protecting. If your garage is connected to your home by an internal doorway, then you’ll want to put even more thought into your home security measures. Consider adding Z-Wave Door Locks to any exterior garage doors to ensure that you always have the ability to lock the structure, even remotely. Also, if for whatever reason you’re parking your cars in your driveway, remember not to leave the garage remote in them. Someone who broke into your vehicle would then be able to use the remote to gain access to your home. Far better that they’re limited to stealing whatever you’ve left in your car than they have access to your house and your family.


We’ve brought this up in several of our prior postings, but appearances can be your best friend or your worst enemy when trying to establish a strong home security presence. Keep the exterior of your garage looking as well kept as you would any other part of your home. Allowing trash or newspapers to accumulate around it sends a message of vacancy or inattentiveness to potential intruders, making it a more plausible target. Also, try outfitting the outside of your garage and your home with these Protect America stickers to notify would-be home invaders of your security system.