Security companies, as part of the service that they provide, supply warning stickers to thwart break-ins. These decals are an incentive for burglars to find another place to ply their nefarious trade. Simple, right? Then entrepreneurs seeking a quick buck produced fake security stickers, marketing them to profit from the responsible individuals who do enjoy the services of a reputable home security firm. So the question arises: Do home security stickers work, and if so, how do they work?


Home Security Stickers as a Means of Protection

We’ve all seen home security stickers. Knowing that fake decals sell for around $10, it’s natural to wonder if the house is truly monitored or simply flaunting bogus plastic. And what about those stickers that sport the slogan “Never mind the dog, beware of the owner”?

Reasons that People Apply Fake Security Stickers

  • Money: You might prevent a ten thousand dollar loss, while only spending ten dollars.
  • Time: The only time commitment is the minute it takes to peel the decal and place it on a window.
  • The Hail Mary Pass: Some nod toward home security. Maybe the person who is considering breaking and burglarizing as a profession is easily intimidated and has never even thought about $10 fake decals.

However, as Caroline Maurer wrote in The SafeWise Report,

“You’ve probably heard that ‘you get what you pay for.’ By faking a home security system presence, we’d say that that saying applies to you.”

Let’s take this a step further. Fake stickers can draw attention to a house. If the bad guys have access to Google — and what are the odds of that? — then they can google the home security stickers to discover their providence. If they figure out that the decals are bogus, the homeowner can be in worse shape because the villains now know that there is no security at all! Stickers without a home security system in place can leave the homeowner and loved ones at a higher risk of a break-in. If the bad guys are on top of their game, they can monitor the house, and then they can discover when the home and or occupants are most vulnerable.

Bad Guys, Burglaries, and Robberies

Wait, the plot thickens! There is a distinct difference between a burglary and a robbery. A burglary is when the bad guys break-in to a home or business with the intention of committing a felony. Robbery, on the other hand, is when the villain takes something. Angie’s List turns us on to this intriguing fact:

the Electronic Security Association notes that there were 2,103,787 burglaries in 2012. Of that number, 354,520 burglaries turned into robberies. Which comes to about 17 percent, and 74 percent of those failed intrusions were due to an audible alarm system.

For home security, in the event of a burglary or robbery, it is imperative that the security stickers on a house are authentic warning signs that are backed by a monitored security service that notifies first responders to take action. This is an important distinction that differentiates the services that offer solely stand-alone cameras. Protect home, property, and family by securing a home security system, as well as the home security stickers.

Pick the Perfect Shade of Protection

Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America. They offer a home security plan that combines superior service, affordability, and can be customized to meet the home owner’s needs. Protect America offers five service plans: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and all of their plans come with one motion detector, three window stickers, a yard sign, and a control panel. Display with pride the authentic decals that have a monitored home security system behind them to achieve safety, security, and peace of mind.