Security systems stores are offered at many big retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, or even some other small chain hardware stores. The systems they offer are sometimes the same ones that many big home security companies actually offer.

Home Security Systems Store vs. Home Security Company

So what’s the big difference in purchasing a system from a retailer rather than a home security company? The systems home security companies offer are actually monitored. This means when your alarm actually goes off and sounds, you will actually get a call and be notified or the police will dispatch.

At a Security systems stores  in California , for example, Another great thing about having a security system from an actual home security company is that you get full service and help over the phone. With some security companies you can actually get a warranty with your system purchase. Some companies like Protect America also offer a lifetime warranty with all home security systems as well.

Unlike home security companies, home security stores do not offer a lifetime warranty or monitoring. These are only exclusive to home security companies. Home security systems that are not monitored tend to only be good for deterring burglars if anything, but what if the burglar sees the system isn’t even monitored? No one will respond to your alarm, so it is important to get a monitored home security system!

Find a Home Security Systems Store

Most of the home security stores you can find online. But like we mentioned before, you can also find home security systems in some of the more popular hardware stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Often these home security systems are the cheaper version of the real thing. Make sure to know exactly what you’re buying before you actually purchase and make the investment.

To find home security stores, simply search Google with the exact term, “home security stores home security systems” and you will find a lot of different stores. You might even find that Protect America comes up on that list.

Protect America Home Security Systems Store

Protect America is one of the top home security providers in the nation. We offer home security systems for every size home, apartment, or even small business. All of our systems come with a free lifetime warranty. Your protection and satisfaction are the main priority of our company so we try to make sure every aspect of our business is satisfying for you as a consumer.

To get a free home security system, contact us by filling out the form on the right or simply dial the phone number on the top of the page. If you have any questions or would like to discuss home security, comment below.

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