Did you know that homes in America are burglarized every thirteen seconds? Having the protection of a home security system in place helps to deter the threat of burglary and criminal activity on your property. Along with the deterrence of break-ins, the proper home security system will also alert you to the threat of an emergency from fire, flooding and even high carbon monoxide levels.


Home Security Store is one of the biggest online home security systems retail shops. Home Security Store maintains the focus on providing customers with DIY camera and alarm systems that are easy to install, use and maintain. Their options are plentiful and thus, a customer may find themselves wondering where to begin, and what accessories they need for a complete system. Here’s a guideline of what to look for when purchasing your DIY home security system.

Purchasing your First Home Security System

Look for these five key features in your system:

  • Alerts for emergencies like fire, high carbon monoxide levels, and flooding 
  • Instant alerts that can be transmitted to your phone or mobile device to alert you of a break-in or other suspicious or emergency activity
  • Sensor systems that will detect movement on your property for windows and doors
  • Weatherproof cameras and built-in floodlights or infrared for night vision
  • Live monitoring of the entire system (Usually requires an additional monthly fee)

Now that you know what to look for, you will want to focus on building a system that will be complete with the number of cameras, sensors, and accessories to complete your security system.  If your home is large, you will require more cameras to secure the perimeter of your home. You’ll need even more if you want indoor camera monitoring as well. Building a home security system can become an expensive process when you must factor in the cost of the monitoring system, sensors, alarms, cameras, and any additional accessories that you may need.

Protect America Home Security Systems and Cameras

Protect America’s mobile home security system and coordinating app is a highly-customer-rated, simple and cost-efficient home security system that is easy to use- and easy to install. An experienced home security professional will help you put together the proper system for your home security needs- and your budget.


With Protect America’s home security systems, you can receive up to $1,400 in free equipment-which includes cameras, monitors, sensors, and more- and be worry-free knowing that your home is monitored 24/7. What’s more is, if there is an emergency or break-in, live monitoring from Protect America will ensure that the local police or fire department will be contacted immediately while you and your family get to safety.

Protect America systems can include GPS tracking, Z-wave product compatibility (Smart Home), a security app that can be set up on any of your mobile devices, and home automation. Customer needs vary, so you can describe your ideal system to any Protect America agent and they will tailor your security package to your specific requirements.

Protect America Home Security System Features Include:

Cellular, Broadband & Landline Systems (Wireless or Wired)

No Customer Activation Fees

No Customer Equipment Fees

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Live Professional Monitoring and Customer Service 24 hours, 7 days a week

Take the guesswork out of what pieces of equipment you will need to have in your all-in-one complete home security monitoring system. Let the professionals at Protect America help you with your home security needs. Get a free quote today and begin the process of securing your home- and worrying less.