Strobe lights aren’t just for party goers. They can be an integral part of a home or business security system and there are plenty of professional security strobes and sirens available on the market to protect your home or business from intruders or other threats. Many homeowners and small business owners opt for silent alarms, but those aren’t a deterrant. Often times, what you want is for the would-be burglar to get scared and leave the area immediately, both for safety concerns and protection of valuables and assets (like sensitive information). Strobes and sirens can do just the trick for your home or business. Continue reading to learn more surprising facts about strobes and security solutions.

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-Robert J. Shiller


A Siren is a Strobe’s Best Friend

Strobes installed as part of a home security system are usually part of an alarm system that includes a siren or alarm in concert (no pun intended) with the strobe light. These are usually activated after a sensor is tripped and an intruder has been detected. Once the alarm and strobe starts going off, people nearby will be alerted in addition to any response from the folks at monitoring if you have a monitored system. This should scare away intruders and keep people and items inside the structure safe and act as a criminal deterrent. The system usually consists of the following components:

  • Alarm and/or siren system (audible)
  • Flashing strobe lights (visual)
  • Sensors and/or motion detectors
  • Control panel

Outdoor use

Most of the sirens that are used in combination with strobes for home security are intended for outdoor use, however there are scenarios where warehouses, lots or manufacturing areas or other industrial facilities could use these systems in a very practical way to deter intruders or tresspassers on their property. These companies often need to keep people away for safety reasons too due to dangerous materials and work areas. They would like to avoid anyone getting hurt on their property. A siren and strobe system is a good way to alert personnel of a security or permiter breach at the work zone. Those are the only likely indoor uses but consulting with a security professional about other creative uses is recommended for those seeking strobe and alarm solutions at their location.

How strobes interact with the control panel device

Strobes for home security systems are either wired or patched wirelessly to the control panel device as part of the overall security system. This works in unison with the sensors, detectors, alarms, sirens and strobe flashers that are integrated with the home security system. Make sure your installation is completed by a qualified home security system installation professional like those who work for Protect America. Also make sure they test these systems to ensure they are working properly at your home or business location. Examples include smoke detectors or glass break sensors that are programmed to trigger the sound and strobe of the alarm system that you had installed at your home or office. The siren and strobe can also be programmed to indicate each of these triggers in a custom fashion That means the fire siren could be programmed differently than the burglary siren sound, for example. That is a very useful tool for programming your home alarm and strobe system with the security solution provided to you. Consult with a Protect America security solutions professoinal to see what type of options should be the most suitable for your particular situation and budget.


Quality Products

Strobe and siren products can be very high quality products. Some of the big names and their flagship products include Fortrezz SSA- Siren / Strobe Alarm Modules, Streetwise Strobe Motion Alarms with Chime/Remote, Z-wave Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless system, Potter/Amseco SSX-52 Indoor/Outdoor Self-Contained Sirens and SECO-LARM SL-126Q/B Blue Security Strobe Lights systems.

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