It may seem like a strange thing, but home security practices alter with the seasons. In order to ensure that your home is optimally protected, you have to take into account the unique challenges and benefits posed by each of the four seasons. Of course, summer is no exception to this rule. In fact, no single season may have as drastic an impact on the way that we approach home security than summer. It makes sense, considering how the warm weather tends to cause us to open our homes to others, that an adaptation in how we protect our homes would be necessary. Not to worry, though; careful consideration of these three factors can help ensure your home stays safe and secure during the summer months:

Air conditioners

While they’re becoming less and less common with the increased affordability of central air conditioning, many of us still rely on window unit air conditioners. Though effective at increasing the comfort of our homes for daily life, these devices can also pose a security risk to our home, as they require that a window be left open at all times. If you’re going to use a window unit air conditioner, ensure that you properly mount the machine, screwing it into place with the appropriate brackets. Simply placing it in the windowpane means that it can be removed easily from the outside, offering entrance to your home. You’ll also want to make sure that you lock your windows to prevent them from being moved up or down. For the most protection possible, consider purchasing a window sensor which will indicate when and if your window is being tampered with.

Personal property

The idyllic image of a home in the summertime involves children running about and playing in the yard, perhaps a few bikes strewn about the front lawn. While this scene is a heartwarming one, it’s also an invitation for potential criminals. Summertime has an odd way of making us all a bit more careless than usual, but it’s particularly important during this season to remain vigilant about our home and our possessions. Have a discussion with your family and children in which you convey the importance of putting their things away when not in use. If your children play outside a good amount, you may want to begin conducting sweeps of your yard before dinner to ensure that bikes, electronics and other personal property is properly stored and out of harms way.


Summer is the perfect time for a vacation. What with the kids out of school and the beautiful weather, it’s completely understandable to want to get out of town for a while and experience a new locale. That said, you’ll want to make sure you take the appropriate steps to protect your house in your absence. Set lights on timers, have a neighbor collect any mail or packages to avoid the image of vacancy, and arm a security system. You may also want to notify the local police department of your upcoming trip so that they can keep an eye on your home.