The home security industry is currently generating approximately $4 billion dollars each year throughout the US.  With homes reducing their appeal to potential burglars by up to 300% with a simple home security system, it is no wonder millions of Americans are more interested in the home security industry than ever before.

Understanding the significance of the industry is essential to know where the market is likely headed in both the near and distant future. Whether you are interested in building your own home security system from the ground up or if you are searching for an ideal home security and monitoring company you can trust, it is important to understand where the market and industry is currently heading. The more you know about the current costs of home security and the changes in the market, the easier it becomes to make a decision for you and your family when it is time to invest your own money into a system of your own.


DIY Options

One of the most affordable and up and coming methods of installing a home security system is to do so yourself with a DIY solution. Purchasing your own equipment, wiring it, and connecting it to your own computers, servers, and a cloud-based account is one way to keep track of your home while monitoring your system without the assistance of a professional home security company. While a DIY solution is appealing to individuals who are interested in saving on their security investment, it also requires much more knowledge in the security and computing industries. Additionally, a DIY solution may ultimately cost less, but also provides little to no additional services such as the ability to automatically notify local emergency responders in the event of a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or even an attempted burglary.

Contract vs. No Contract

Choosing between a contract or no contract with a home security company can drastically influence your overall costs and the total investment necessary in order to truly protect and secure your home. Contractual agreements often require prospective customers to remain as a customer with the service they have selected for anywhere from 36 to 60 months (or 3 to 5 years, which is industry standard for home security equipment). It may also be possible to find a home security company that does not require an extended contractual agreement, although this is likely to result in higher monthly rates and additional fees or charges to make up for the lack of a contract in place.

Renting or Purchasing Equipment

Renting or purchasing equipment is another option available for anyone who wants to add an additional layer of protection inside and outside of their home or property. If you want to have your security system in place for years or even decades to come, consider purchasing the equipment outright to avoid paying for items you require multiple times throughout the duration of any security contract you have signed. Before choosing a home security monitoring company, be sure to inquire about your options to rent or purchase equipment to compare costs and to better determine the route that is most likely to make sense for you and your household.


Build Your Own Security System With 24/7 Monitoring Services

Another option when developing a home security system that is ideal for you and your family is to do so by selecting your own equipment while still benefiting from 24/7 monitoring services. Protect America is one of America’s leading home security companies which allows customers to build their own security system and package based on needs and budget. Working with a company that allows more freedom and flexibility when creating a home security system for your family is ideal when you are on a strict budget or if you have an idea for a security system already in mind. When you know your home and property better than anyone, building your own system with the support of a professional monitoring company is highly recommended.

Do you want complete and total control with your home security system but still prefer 24/7 professional monitoring services? Contact Protect America for more information regarding our security equipment and to create a home security system that is optimal for you today.